louis ricaute jake cook flip fuck

Louis Ricaute & Jake Cook’s Flip-fest

Sexy, hairy Louis Ricaute & Jake Cook have taken and dished it out with biggest and best of them. Today, when Tim Kruger turns them loose on each other, the fur, and the cum go flying.

Louis Ricaute. Now that is a man.

He’s been almost drowned by facials, taken on the biggest dicks at Tim Tales, been DP’s raw – and loved every inch.

A few weeks ago, he proved his chops as a top trading loads and cocks with Damien Crosse.

Jake Cook is such a world-class fucker that he’s a Tim Tales exclusive. We usually see him on the receiving end.

And we will again today. But only after he makes a special delivery all his own.

louis ricaute jake cook flip fuck“Timtales Exclusive Jake Cook was so excited to meet the famous Venezuelan Louis Ricaute. He was most excited for his tight hole and his big muscular ass. Just the way he likes them. But after getting fucked by Jake, it was Louis’ turn to bareback Jake’s poor little hole. And he fucked him good and strong till he came deep inside.”

louis ricaute jake cook flip fuckAfter offering his hole for a breaking and entering session for first-timer Adam Sahar a few weeks ago, Jake was anxious to see how the other half fucks for a change. And even more anxious to get inside Louis’ legendary hole.

louis ricaute jake cook flip fuckWe’re more used to seeing Louis legs up as well. Though he sure rocks Damien’s world when they flipped. And in the dick trade today, Louis lowered the boom with a pent-up vengeance.

louis ricaute jake cook flip fuckJake enjoyed a brief bit of control when he climbed aboard for a long, hard ride. Then Louis flipped on his back, pummeled the cum out of Jake, then topped him off before loading the rest of the nut deep inside like buried treasure.

[Watch Jake & Louis in “Jake And Louis Raw Fuck” at Tim Tales]

Given how sexy that furry body of Louis’ is, I’d love to see him grown out what I imagine is an equally hairy ass – what about you?

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