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Superstar Brent Corrigan – What’s Not To Love?

A POV look told through the loving eyes of fiancé JJ Knight, one day in the life and JJ and Brent Corrigan is explored in an intimate, toe-curling window of lust and love unlike anything you have seen from them before.

A man is never more handsome than when he is loved. That partially explains why neither Brent Corrigan nor JJ Knight have not just looked so hot, but been so hot.

It’s partially what stems from within these dynamic, sexy men. But more so, the magic created when whole became even sexier than the sum of thier parts. And what parts they are.

Today, NakedSword Originals present the first of two exclusive and very intimate parts of “Loving Brent Corrigan”.

loving brent corrigan nakedsword“There’s no better way to start your day than having Brent Corrigan roll over and tell you good morning then go down on your huge cock. It’s all just a tease before he jumps in the shower where you wash his back then go make your man breakfast. Later it’s off to the nude beach where Brent swims in the ocean then sucks a load out of you under the hot blazing sun! Mmmm he loves the taste of your load! And your day is only half over …”

loving brent corrigan nakedswordNow we don’t have to imagine the view JJ wakes to each day. What a lucky, lucky man.

loving brent corrigan nakedswordActually, they are both lucky men. Who else gets a moon shot like this on a sunny day at the beach?

loving brent corrigan nakedswordHaving sex is what Brent and JJ do with others on the set. When it’s just the two of them, lust and love intersect in the most beautiful ways. Is there anything more delicious than these two? Brent seems to have found one thing that is … and delicious to the last heavy, white drop.

[Watch Brent and JJ in “Loving Brent Corrigan 1” at NakedSword]

And it gets even better …

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See you next week for “Loving Brent Corrigan 2”. Watch this blog.

2 thoughts on “Superstar Brent Corrigan – What’s Not To Love?”

  1. Amazing. I read this and think, cynically, when’s the break up happening? Then I check Twitter minutes later and oh…already? Hopefully they can patch things up. Maybe with less social media involved.

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