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Luca del Rey Makes Industry Debut, Signs On As Falcon | NakedSword Exclusive

There’s a new heartthrob in town and he’s already out here making big moves! This Friday, fan site performer Luca del Rey will be making the leap to studio content with his industry debut in Falcon Studios’ Gotta Have It and not only that, but ahead of the scene’s release, the studio has already announced Luca as the lastest exclusive model for Falcon | NakedSword.

In a statement from Falcon, the studio reveals that the 5’9″ actor is a Dallas native and that his family is of Puerto Rican and Scottish background. Falcon also says Luca studied art in college and is “an avid gamer who loves big dance music events like EDC and circuit parties.” In the same statement, Luca expressed his excitement over signing on as an exclusive and what message he wants to send out to the world with his new platform.

“Becoming a Falcon | NakedSword exclusive means a lot to me. I am proud to be an HIV+ performer who can show others that you can be a healthy positive individual and that appearing in porn is an expression of sexual liberation,” says the newcomer. “Becoming an exclusive helps me continue to send that message out to the world on a larger platform with the support of a world-class studio. Sexual and Mental Health is very important to me, and I strive to educate anyone who has questions or concerns about it.”

For his big industry debut in Gotta Have It, Luca will be teaming up with fellow exclusive Colton Reece and fan favorite performer Max Adonis for a bareback threesome that has both of Luca’s scene partners using their meaty cocks to fill up his furry hole and dominate his muscular bubble butt. If you want to check out Luca in action, you can check out the trailer for that scene right here.

In addition to Falcon’s Gotta Have It, Luca is also set to appear in upcoming scenes for films like Falcon’s Under the Influencer and Raging Stallion’s Big Load Movers. The mega-studio also teases the performer’s involvement in “an epic orgy” that’s part of a joint Raging Stallion/Hot House project.

“Luca del Rey has everything we look for a Falcon | NakedSword exclusive,” says company president Tim Valenti. “His sexual energy, stunning good looks, and unstoppable body, coupled with his charm and devilish grin, are bound to make him a superstar. We are excited to share Luca’s first gay porn scenes with the fans and let them see exactly why we added him to our exclusive roster.”

So what do you think of Luca’s addition to the Falcon | NakedSword family? Which other performers do you want to see him film with next? Sound off in the comments below with your hot thoughts and be sure to catch Luca’s big industry debut this Friday exclusively at Falcon Studios!

[Watch Luca del Rey at Falcon Studios]


19 thoughts on “Luca del Rey Makes Industry Debut, Signs On As Falcon | NakedSword Exclusive”

  1. Scott Macomber

    Yeah I agree, facial, armpit & pubic hair makes a MAN! Hot as F… Luca is perfection. And to all you size queens out there, Luca’s dick is also perfect! If you don’t have anything nice to say, then shut the F… up. That’s why there is so much discord and hatred in the world today. Very sad!

  2. Bravo Luca for being open about being HIV+! We know U=U and hopefully your openness will lessen stigma around it. Thanks for being real.

  3. Bravo Luca for being open about being HIV+I We know U=U and hopefully your openness will lessen stigma around it. Thanks for being real.

        1. Colby Keller was one of four guys profiled in Charlie David’s documentary I AM A PORN STAR. He was the only one I didn’t like. There was something about him that just creeped me out. Now that I know he’s a Trump supporter, it makes perfect sense!

    1. Max isn’t a Trump supporter. What, just because he let Colby Keller fuck him? Honey, it’s called making content and trust and believe we queens from Max’s hometown were not thrilled. (Colby is on A4A all the time and not getting anything!) But Max made money off of it on his OF/JFF so go capitalism or whatever LOL. But Max is definitely not a Republican. This is truth tea.

    1. If a man wants to look like a girl, he can shave his armpits. Male pit and pubic hair are a million times hotter than the bald look. And it doesn’t appear as though he has any of those rancid tattoos. He’s gorgeous, IMO.

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