Lucas Knight ‘Retires’ After One Last Fuck, But Then Pops Up On New Site

Allegedly, Lucas Knight just shot his last porn scene for Next Door Studios, which they say is his exit from porn.

It’s unclear whether it was that time they made him cum on Cody Cummings’ face while Cody wore swim goggles that made Lucas finally say, “Fuck this, I’m out.” But the studio says he “stopped by the shoot house for one final farewell, as he takes his talents to the world of dance and gives up this life of sordid, sultry affairs.”

The world of dance?? Like, the world of go-go dance??! Ballroom dance?!

Anyway, I didn’t realize that Lucas was some kind of prima ballerina, if that is indeed the case, but here he doing what we usually know him to do, fucking Drake Tyler, who’s supposedly “his favorite scene partner from the past.”

The two of them actually did a scene recently called Cock and Ballroom, in which Lucas is supposedly showing Drake how to dance on the eve of his wedding, so he doesn’t make a fool of himself.

In the new “farewell” scene, well, they just fuck.

But then right as he’s supposedly retiring, Fleshbot points out that he just shot a scene with RealBoysOnline, so is he actually retired? His Twitter went inactive right after that shoot, on July 18, but he hasn’t taken it down.

We’ll see.














[Next Door World: Farewell Lucas Knight]

10 thoughts on “Lucas Knight ‘Retires’ After One Last Fuck, But Then Pops Up On New Site”

  1. LOVE Lucas Knight, and if he truly is retiring .. Im glad he stopped by SketchySex for 3 scenes before he left !!

  2. There seems to be a revolving door for many of these guys who “retire” and unretire, even after a few years. We will see.

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