Leo Grand, Leo Louis

Lucky Leos: Will That Super-Thick Dick Fit?

In the finale of he CockyBoys feature Game On, we’re treated to double the pleasure, double the Leos, and a double-sized cock as Leo Louis shoves his super-thick shaft into both of Leo Grand‘s cute holes.

Is it just me, or does Leo Grand look even cuter when’s he taking a massive cock? Something about those eyebrows and that expression that is endearing. The bottom has taken some pretty big ones over the years, but we get the feeling that the Leo Louis cock is a different beast altogether—and seems to challenge the bottom to find just the right spot and breathing technique to make it hurt so good.

Leo Grand, Leo Louis Leo Grand, Leo Louis

I love seeing holes at either end try to handle Leo Louis, and this pairing gives us plenty of stretching to enjoy. That starts with the fantastic face fuck Leo Louis administers, leading to gobs of spit clinging to and dripping from Leo Grand’s face as he gulps.

Leo Grand, Leo Louis Leo Grand, Leo Louis

Leo Louis soon buries his face between the twink’s hole, warming it up for the anal onslaught. We’re treated to a variety of positions that give us great shots of that girthy shaft at work—the sit-down fuck with Leo Grand bouncing up and down is particularly fantastic, and I love seeing the bottom on his back because we get to see that cute face and those tight abs (half the fun hear is watching the bottom’s facial expressions).

Leo Grand, Leo Louis Leo Grand, Leo Louis

Leo Louis also gets some sucks in on the bottom’s boner before fucking him again, grasping Leo Grand by the throat before pulling out and shooting his thick load all over the bottom’s hole before Leo Grand blasts his wad.

See the full scene at CockyBoys!


6 thoughts on “Lucky Leos: Will That Super-Thick Dick Fit?”

  1. Mother Nature endows skinny boys with the biggest cocks. That’s why I always cruise the skinny boys in the clubs. Leo Louis where do you hang out?

  2. UGH, the drama. I hope Chad/Leo keeps working in the industry. Lane/Blake can finish school, get therapy and maybe move on. Now, pass me the popcorn

    1. Yeah, Lane found a new boy toy in NYC. Had been “visiting” him on the side but didn’t officially dump Chad until the kid, Leo (can’t make this shit up), turned 18

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