luke adams max sargent cum eating titanmen

The Sperm Guzzling Luke Adams

Luke’s plump rump gets split by Max Sargent’s thick dick. But today, it’s his pie hole that does even more work.

We took at a look at the first scene from “Stopover In Bond’s Corners” from TitanMen last week. This film is likely to be remembered for many reasons. Not the least of which is this is both the vehicle and the studio that enticed legendary gay porn director Joe Gage back to the blue screen.

luke adams max sargent cum eating titanmenHot as the greasy flip between TitanMen exclusive Dallas Steele and Mitch Vaughn was last week, today’s scene between Luke Adams and Max Sargent is going into the memory books for another reason. These may be some of the most fluid cumshots captured since … well, since Joe Cage was last in the director’s chair.

luke adams max sargent cum eating titanmenFrom Tex Davidson to Dirk Caber to Adam Ramzi, Luke Adams has turned his ass into a clearing house for mature meat. Partially that may be because Luke’s cocksmanship skills have earned him a spot as the TitanMen’s go-to butt boy. But it’s just as much as Luke thinks of TitanMen as his go-to spot for Daddy Dick. Today, the lucky stiff is Max Sargent.

luke adams max sargent cum eating titanmenOne of the hallmarks of the craft of Mr. Gage is that he doesn’t just film sex. He captures the primal nuances between men down to fuck. Whether Max is rimming Luke or making out with his hole, the objective was achieved.

luke adams max sargent cum eating titanmenFrom doggie to riding, Max plunges deeply into Luke. And check out Luke’s handsfree throbber. Lukey likey.

Instead of Max fucking the cum out of Luke then pelting him down after, the scene ends today with a feeding frenzy of hot loads. They both go away spent, but no one goes away thirsty.

[Watch Luke & Max in “Stopover In Bond’s Corners” scene two]

4 thoughts on “The Sperm Guzzling Luke Adams”

  1. It’s an odd scene. On one level it is creepy, Luke is looking younger than ever. But on the other hand it is hot, the rimming scene especially. I only give it ten out of ten because the chemistry between Luke and Max is there but mainly because Max does not abuse Luke (I’m talking in terms of a porn scene) verbally nor force things down the throat. It’s good to see Titan do some gentler scenes and not so much pissing on each other or I’m all straight and mainly stuff. And they also stop this half an hour oh look it’s a penis staring, there is a little in this but Titan used to do it all the time and it is annoying. Good stuff Titan I’ll settle for more of this vanilla stuff over rough kink anytime.

    1. Thanks, glad you enjoyed it! We agree..its a little creepy, but hot as fuck! We let Joe Gage be Joe Gage and he nailed it! All our new stuff is much more mainstream, no rough kink stuff.

      Wait until you see the finale 3-way with Luke Adams, Dallas Steele and David Anthony…HOT!


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