Malachi Marx To Critics: “Go Fuck Yourself”

In case you missed it the first 80,000 times he told you, the sometimes-retired Randy Blue model and father of two is gay-for-pay. Also, he’s straight. Also too, he only has sex with men for money.

Here’s a new interview (via Unzipped) Malachi did with someone from a site called Dining With Strangers (it’s not an escort blog; it claims to be a side project from a “working journalist”). It’s very long, and kind of insane, but here are the parts you might like:

Even though the two don’t talk about his current career, Malachi’s partner and her pregnancy is the reason he started doing adult videos for the gay porn website Randy Blue. But escorting came first…

The market just wasn’t there to be a heterosexual escort, so if he was going to enter the profession; he’d have to do it with men. One big problem: Malachi’s not gay, “If I was gay, I would be a lesbian.”

“I didn’t just jump into it. I was going through a lot of emotions mixed with stress and extreme motivation to make something of myself,” Malachi said. So he turned to his [gay] friend Carl for advice on what to do.

“It’s just a dick,” Carl told Malachi in an attempt to make him more comfortable with jerking a guy off. “When you masturbate you’re touching a dick, it’s just another guy’s dick.” Adopting this mentality — combined with debt problems and the use of a substantial amount of pot — was enough for Malachi to get over his initial strong reluctance to doing anything sexual with men.

Carl “coerced me into it and taught me the ropes,” Malachi said, first with a profile on a site called Rentboy on which male escorts can advertise their, well, companionship for sale.

“It gave me a weird gut feeling and I couldn’t believe I was doing it,” he said. But the financial benefit — $800 a client — was too much to pass up. “While I was working, in my mind I had to just keep saying the amount of money I’d make. That got me through it.”

Malachi developed a strategy of taking on submissive non-dominating clients that wouldn’t try to force him into doing anything he wasn’t comfortable with. “I would only go after the easy clients, the ones that just want to suck my dick or give me a hand-job or a massage. I’m kind of spoiled in a way because I can really use my looks and my body to filter out the more dominant clients” that might want to push him beyond his comfort level, he said.

Gay porn fans regularly hate on gay-for-pay models, but I’ve never had a problem with them. They’re just doing a job. What I have a problem with is the above. It’s the same thing he’s been saying since he “left” the industry last October. It’s the same thing he said in his “exit interview” with The Sword last November. It’s the incessant need to excuse, rationalize, and justify everything he’s done…for what? To prove something to himself? To his wife? To his fans, whom he doesn’t want to get the “wrong idea” about him (though it’s OK for them to have spent money on him)?

More of the same:

“There were times where I asked myself, am I gay? Is this just something that I’m using as an excuse? And I spent a lot of time exploring that in my mind,” he said.

This was in the thick of his career when he was making close to $25,000 a month, filming scenes for Randy Blue and hitting five major cities in a week to see clients all over the country (and sometimes the world). That’s a lot of sex. “So I explored if I could actually get turned on by a guy. I tried. But I couldn’t. The curiosity was answered and I knew I was heterosexual,” he said.

“I appreciate guys, I appreciate male camaraderie. I know what to appreciate out of males but I have no desire to have sex with them for pleasure. I’ve never done anything gay if I haven’t been paid for it. I put on a game face, a facade, a character, and I make money” being gay for pay, he added.

I asked Malachi how much longer he intends to stay in the gay for pay world, especially with the money being so bountiful. “It’s great money and a fast lifestyle if your mind and body can handle it. But I’ll be so glad to get out of it,” he said.

Ugh get out now.

Sorry, it’s just not fascinating that a straight person is able to have gay sex for money and not experience any pleasure. Big deal. A large percentage of actual gay porn stars also have gay sex for money and don’t experience pleasure; should they all have book deals, too?

Oh, yeah. The book:

[H]e originally intended to have the book out by December last year after announcing his retirement from the gay porn and escorting world one month earlier. But problems ensued. Writing the book was much harder than he anticipated, and money woes meant he had to step back in front of the camera in January. After that, he once again announced his retirement and was focused on finishing off the book.

That’s when he found out his partner was pregnant again. So money and other needs pulled him back into the escorting and gay porn industry, just as they first got him into it.


And he understands there is some frustration from people who had pre-paid for his book expecting to have read it by now. Malachi is fine with giving refunds to anyone who asks him for one — and there have been two such requests — but he said most of the people who have paid are willing to wait a little longer, and he wants to deliver.

“I should have waited to announce it later on, I shouldn’t have got so excited about it. But I know there’s a fun story to write, and it is coming.” He’s fixated on finishing the book by September for two reasons: one, it’s a contractual deadline to have it out by then and two — more importantly for Malachi — “it’ll be a healing process for myself to get it all out there.”

Ha. He needs to heal. Here, help him heal by buying the book about how all the money he made off of you hurt him so much that he needs to undergo a healing process. Amazing.

To his critics, Malachi has a simple response. “Fuck yourself.” His more elaborate response, “Everyone has a background, everyone has had problems and everyone has bills to pay.

“For every one that has some debate or that dislikes me there are 100 that like me. People ask me, ‘How can you be straight’? You can. It’s just like anybody who worked a job they didn’t enjoy. It’s like being a laborer. I was not a laborer in my mind when I was working construction jobs. I didn’t enjoy it. Who enjoys 10 hours of construction in the blistering heat and you’re burned out? I did gay for pay for money. It pays a heck of a lot more and it’s a job. I can program myself to do a j-o-b, especially in these hard economic times.”

If it’s all for money and it’s “just a job,” why don’t you “just” fucking do it? Do your job! Stop talking about it.

Malachi filmed his most recent scene for Randy Blue earlier in July, and he knows this one will really be his last for them — barring the need for more funds.

Uh huh…

He said it was stressful getting back in front of the camera, surrounded by blinding fluorescent lights while getting it on with another man. “It was difficult. There’s this intense heat from the lights shining on you, and four crew people are watching you, and it’s stop-go, stop-go. I had the biggest headache and I came home and I threw up. It fucked me up.”



32 thoughts on “Malachi Marx To Critics: “Go Fuck Yourself””

  1. This guy MALACHI is full of shit. he uses his looks to attract men then he fucks with them emotionally, He’s a very bad and insincere person.

  2. A whore is a whore is a whore is a whore. Gay for pay is a misnomer, and Randy should be ashamed, as should anyone paying for this nonsense. If we all (the entire LBGT community), would stop agonizing over adult videos and all the permutations, we’d probably have beaten teen suicide already, and would be able to get married in EVERY state. Our collective wasted time, wasted energy, on many, many such persons that don’t deserve it.

  3. I randomly came across this in my research on this “gay for pay” model. I also ready the multi comments posted on the subject. I seen countless pictures where he fucking, sucking, or being fucked by someone. Hell I even seen a few pictures of him licking another gay porn stars ass. I mean, I understand there is people out there who know the perfect of gay porn is higher then regular porn (as I researched once before.) but why does he have to keep going out and about his straight lifestyle? I mean, I totally agree with some of the comments posted above. Although, I wouldn’t consider him an asshole, just someone who is sort of slapping the fantasy out of his fan base. The hire him to make them money, but if he ruins the fantasy for his cliental then how come in keeping him on the same roll? I mean it’s understandable if he is straight, but I don’t think any straight guy who can never be turned on by a man would ever wanna bottom an get a dick, or even a vibrator up his ass. Although a pleasure point for males is the anus, due to the prostate. I can totally understand the vibrator, but if he isn’t gay then why bottom for a male and get his ass used in shush a manner? I mean don’t get me wrong, gay-for-pay – woo, but there no amount of money that would make me change my standards and i’m Bi. lol. I mean there other ways to pay bills, and in fact on that note, there straight escorting and pornography films. why turn to gay? why keep throwing the straight factor in your fan bases face? why continue this constant unruly manner that is very hypcritcal to say the less. (also, sorry for any errors in grammar I made.)

    Sincerly, OFS

  4. This guy is a whore and enough said, he needs to feed his kids.. Please I bet there not even his, sounds like trailer trash to me … It’s a Publicity stunt gone bad. Don’t fall into the hype. Randy Blue is laughing all the way to the bank. Even bad news is free advertising. Read between the lines . $25K a month? Please? and you believe that? that might have been his best month at one time and so he’s still in need of our money and he’s back? What straight life is so bad yet that doesn’t repulse him? Contradiction should be his middle name. I wouldn’t buy anything Randy Blue no matter how nice he is. This repulses me it’s nauseating, insulting, derogatory and so full of shit it stinks! Gays deserve better ppl like this have no place in my heart. Get some help with all that money you made from us and go to a psychiatrist… stop using drugs and get a life.

  5. I’m against gay-for-pay like whites were against giving minorities freedom at one point. If I were an OUT celebrity, I wouldn’t endorse gay related things because of it. I feel like gays need to stand up and take back what’s there. And that is, an industry that was made for them. But instead, they support this gay-for-pay notion so these men are allowed to say whatever they want when they want then the gay men pretend to be so offended until their next video comes out. I swear gay men are so selfish and bitter that they don’t care about the advancement of gay men until they have been spited.

    To me a person like Marx can’t be trusted. He is an opportunist who is dead in my book with all the others. The woman he is with clearly doesn’t think much about herself and is probably in porn herself. Doing anything for money isn’t being a hustler it’s called having NO morals, class, and decency. The real hustlers are the ones clocking in a 9 to 5 job making $9/hour just to feed their children.

  6. His pal Carl “coerced” him into playing with dick for $$$?

    I’d pay him to fuck a dictionary before he attempts his book.

  7. G4P is shameful and no one should endorse it . It’s against one’s conscience, something many men seem to lack. Why would many of you want a “staright’ guy to do such a “job”? Sorry, sex for money is not a job: try wrong.

  8. I think he just needs to shut up and get fucked. I agree with the author – do your job dude. He’s defeating his own purpose – his insistence that he isn’t gay makes him look really, really gay. That and all the ass fucking. What evs….

    If we continue to pay money for this, then the industry will continue to birth these fuckers.

  9. Javier Mercado

    WTF. Lighten up bitches! Malachi is free to figure it all out any way he fucking wants to. He doesn’t have to justify anything for you bitches and owes nothing to the fucking gay community. If you don’t like it, don’t eat it.

    1. Javier is the pathetic self loathing queen who eats this shit up. Obviously no one was “eating it” dear otherwise he wouldn’t have had to go back into porn. Try a basic logic and comprehension class and get back with us. He IS trying to justify being in porn you moron. If you are too dense to get how pathetic and insulting this interview is, then there is no hope for you. Now run along and find a park to go “play” in.

  10. Ha – this guy is on that Cybersocket list of the “AMAZING PORNSTARS” – the controversial one that doesn’t contain one black guy, gay or not.
    Amazing! Not.

  11. I don’t think these models should have to hide their private-life sexual orientations. In fact, they can’t.

    But Malachi is a classic example of a guy who got into escorting and porn with the worst possible attitude. “I’m so hot that you should pay me” instead of “I’m here to serve you and find pleasure with you.”

    As in any profession, the seller is supposed to serve and appreciate the customers, not hate them. The escort/porn star should commit himself to finding something attractive about all but the nastiest of clients and having fun, even for himself. Even hetero-oriented guys are capable of doing this, and many “gay 4 pay” models are skilled at it.

    But to hate the guys they have to have sex with; to hate gay sex and claim there’s no pleasure to it, even though their dicks are clearly hard and being stimulated, is just bullshit.

    Wolf Hudson said the same thing — that he never enjoys the sex he’s having — even just a little bit. It’s false, but these guys are ashamed. They’re terrified of what the haters will think. They’re terrified that having fun with the gender they’re not oriented toward somehow changes their general orientation, which it can’t.

    I don’t care how physically hot these guys are. Their attitudes make them ugly and unprofessional. They’re in the wrong business.

    1. You hit the proverbial nail on the head with this post. It amazes me that Malachi can basically insult his audience with these kind of statements and then be shocked that we’re offended. Complete, total arrogant douche!

    2. Why should they “have fun” with “the gender they’re not oriented towards”? They’re straight! Wouldn’t you feel insulted if straights insist you bang chicks? I would. What kind of logic are gay porn users thinking that we expect straight guys to do gay sex acts?! It’s wrong and a big turnoff if they are not into it.

  12. He claims he was making $25k a month yet he had money problems? $800/hr on Rentboy? His most recent ad said $500 and even then no one was paying for him.

    He’s so full of shit it’s coming out of his eyeballs.

    1. The twenty five thousand part didn’t come through. Weird. So he is making “all this money” (twenty five thou a month) but has “money issues” and that is why he got back into porn. His last rentboy ad said five hundred not eight hundred as he claimed. I guess we know why his “book” will never get published. It’s fiction. I get the feeling this isn’t going to end well….

  13. Randy Blue may be nice but, his videos are filled with limp dicks. Maybe if he hired gay guys, instead of straight guys that are disgusted by gay sex, his videos would actually be hot. Newsflash Randy…limp dicks are not hot!

  14. Here’s some advice – use a condom and you would not have the woes you are worrying about to be forced to have sex with men.

  15. Zach, please ask your friend Randy Blue why he continued to hire this piece of crap Malachi Marx. Randy Blue knowing what he does about Marx, 1) why would he hire him again after his “retirement” 2) by association, Randy Blue is giving this guy the ability to rip off gay men, selling that book and never delivering it.

    “Nice” does not excuse questionable ethics

  16. I don’t have a problem with most gay4pay performers either, and am willing to allow them to keep their “carefully constructed internal mental agreements” in place that allow them to do sexy times with men for cash…maybe they’re really bisexual, maybe they’re hetroflexible, or mostly (but not exclusively) straight, whatever, it’s their business, and as long as they give a good performance on camera, who cares…BUT…

    That said, this douche truly gives whores a bad name…seriously, STFU already….blah blah blah, if the sex is soooo unpleasant to you, keep it mostly to yourself or at least give a coy little smile, allow your fans to maintain some of their fantasy, and just make your money and keep your unrepentant money-grubbing whoredom a secret. Now, the ONLY way I want to see this gay-sex-hating gay whore having sex is to see him get grudge-fucked, tied up and abused, and REALLY make him earn that cash…not interested otherwise.

    Go back to construction work dude, it’s more honest work for you…and for fuck’s sake, stop breeding already.

  17. Gay or straight, he’s a whore. He has sex for money. And he’ll continue to have sex for money because he’s a whore. Who gives a shit?

  18. and just how much more work is he expecting to get after an interview like this….I seriously doubt it if his book sells now, he may make his deadline but hopefully the results will teach him a really good lesson….So if I were all of you who use to be his fans to boycott him…boycott his films and definately his book and see how well he fairs.

  19. I’m not one of these militant anti-gay4pay guys, but it’s baffling beyond belief how guys like this keep getting work in this business! Unfortunately, though, this isn’t uncommon at all. There are plenty of guys in gay xxx who come from the same egotistical/”I’m-soooo-hot-so-they’ll-pay-me-alot-more-and-I’ll-be-a-huge-star!” mentality. I don’t think most viewers mind if a guy identifies as straight yet is a great performer – but guys like MM are really turning alot of fans away.

    The “powers that be” in gay porn should learn from this disaster. If a guy is getting into the business based on supporting a pregnant girlfriend, it should most definitely be considered a red flag. He isn’t going to give a damn about his performances or fans… and, in this case, he’s going to come off as a complete douchebag as he offends the same fans who’ve PAID HIM MONEY. And that just makes YOU look like an asshole. ;)

  20. I think if your gonna do gay for pay porn then you have to understand that your fans are going to think your gay, your having sex with men. but just because your not gay is not something that I would personally broadcast. it’s the gay fans that pay your bills. Everytime you proclaim that your not gay its a slap in the face of those who pay your bills. If being gay is such a big issue to you then maybe you might want to look for another line of work. become a nurse then you can claim your not a doctor and no one will be hurt. #justsayin

  21. He’s been saying this kind of shit for a long time so it makes me wonder why Randy Blue would continue to hire this disgusting person. You’re a company that caters to gay men and you’d hire someone like this??

    I also wonder about his scene partners, and how humiliating it must have been to work with this prick. We never hear from those who work with g4pers probably because they’re scared shitless to say anything since so much of gay porn focuses on the needs of the g4per.

    1. Chris, all I can say is that Randy is one of the nicest people I’ve met in this industry, and literally every single one of his models that I’ve interviewed (both gay and “gay-for-pay”) have been equally nice and genuinely very proud of their work.

      1. Randy may be a nice person, but the fact that he continues to hire Marx (and Marx has made similar comments before) says a lot about his business practices. G4P is one thing, but Marx’s remarks and behavior are on another level; that Randy Blue endorses this behavior by continuing to hire him is troubling.

  22. Wow, sounds like David Forest should have signed him YESTERDAY. What a match made in heaven. Married with kidZZZZ should seal the “ForestMen” deal – I think it’s almost a requirement to be one.

  23. Soooo tired of assholes like this. Got bills to pay? We all do… Try living within your means. He is just leaching off us gays and offering nothing in return. Thanks for posting this Zach.

    1. I don’t understand why you think Malachi Marx is an asshole. What exactly is he doing that makes him an asshole. He’s a pornstar and escort. He’s letting us know how he feels about the situation. He’s chosen to do porn and escorting. He’s not leaching, he performs a service and he gets paid, that is not leaching. He offers his clients companionship. He offers his audience adult entertainment. As an escort about 98% of the time you don’t find your clients attractive. As a pornstar you find that working is not about HAVING sex it’s about creating a cheesy fantasy. Please realize that I’m not attacking you I’m just stating that I do not see your point of view and would like to hear your reasoning.

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