man catchs fish with his dick

Bait And Fish

He went for a naked swim and encountered a fish who sang him a Britney song. “Opps. I bit it again.”

“I’m not afraid of them,” said the naked Russian fisherman to his buddy the cameraman.

“Be careful there. There is a hole there underwater. I’ve just caught some grayling there. Take care.”

man catches fish with his dickHe should have listened. He plunges into the water but in a few seconds began to swear as the fish got attached to his ‘bait’. The angler runs out of the water, covering his groin with his hands, evidently with a huge live fish attached.

“Look what I’ve caught on my ‘worm’ Fuck! It could bite it off, fuck.”

This isn’t the first fishy fish tail. It was a few years ago when Mikkel Beha Erichs, a professional fisherman, was profiled on the Danish talk show “Natholdet”.
man catches fish with his dick

One dining segment, in particular, had everyone salivating …

Host Anders Breinholt’s joked about the unwelcome visitor with a guest and advises people to be careful about what they choose to wear when the TV cameras are on them and later who revealed the suspicious body part was actually Mikkel’s foot. Sorry gents.

Though to be fair, the terms “fish” and gay men can make for uneasy bedfellows when it comes to porn. Though Kristen Bjorn did figure out that you need to put the emphasis on the “fishing” aspect, and not the pole.

man catches fish with his dick“Nothing like seeing a couple of hot guys in thigh-high waders. Mike is quickly over fishing and hot on Jakes raging hard on. Jake leads Mike out of the river and props him up against a tree and begins pounding his tight ass. Mike’s cock stays rock solid as Jake pounds away at his huge muscular ass. Was your first fishing experience this hot, this wet?”

[Watch Jake Genisis & Mike Colucci in “First Time, Part 1 – chapter four”]

Can “Catfishing with Gay Porn Stars?” be far behind? I sure hope so!

It’s a short week, guys, let’s make it a hot one!

(h/t: MirrorUK)

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