Manhunt’s Favorite Newsgay, Thomas Roberts, and All the Newsgays That’re Fit to Print

Roberts pretty much out in the cold among a handful of loud-n-proud local affiliate anchors and cable correspondents. Since we recognize faces way better than names, we thought we’d do a gallery of who’s out in the news media (and who’s not really out, but sorta). See their mugs below-it’s like a study in gayface!

Out and Loud


Jason Bellini, CBS News on LOGO
Good for the gays that we now have our own network and our very own gay news anchor who sometimes even gets to cover the gay beat for parent news org, CBS.  Jason should probably try his damndest to keep his drug use and Manhunting discreet, lest his next threeway get plastered all over Gawker (or The Sword), or lest his career lose a bit of luster one late night in the Ramble, a la Richard Quest.  And, um, here he is chilling with porn prince Michael Lucas.


Steven Cojocaru, Entertainment Tonight, The Insider
Oh, Cojo, how do we love thee. Let us count the ways: you look like a cross between Chastity Bono and Wayland Flowers’ Madame; your autobiographical tome Glamour Interrupted is sitting on our nightstand as we speak; and your cunty commentary on various red carpets has us in stitches! You may not be a real journalist, but you’ve got enough gay in one jowl to fill up a whole celebrity gossip show, which is apparently why you’re still working on The Insider and they canned poor Tom.


Richard Quest, CNN correspondent
Well, he’s out now anyway.  And he had made public comments in the past, in regard to his turning down a job with the English-speaking Al-Jazeera, that it may not be the best fit for a gay jew. He fits into the “animated” category mentioned by the industry talent agent quoted in the Advocate piece, so we’re sure he’ll continue to get work.


Thomas Roberts, currently unemployed

Previously, the publicity departments of his former employers denied interview requests to The Advocate, just as they denied a request to speak with the Coop. But now he’s a free agent and doing the circuit. All we can say is, given several mentions of longtime partner Patrick, and given the whole ManHunt thing, it looks like you’re in an open relationship, Tom… so, uh, rilly, if you’re heading to San Francisco anytime soon, email us. For realz.

Out But Not Quite as Loud


Harvey Levin, TMZ
We’re not sure a TMZ “anchor” should even count here, but we suppose if we put Cojo on our list we might as well include this douche. He’s probably broken more stories about Britney’s vagina that you have. Don’t hate.


Randy Price, WHDH Boston

At affiliates in the 20 major markets, there are apparently only 2 out anchors, and this guy’s one of them. He was actually the first openly gay news anchor in the country, having come out on the air in the Silence=Death era of the early 90s.


Craig Stevens,  WSVN Miami/Ft. Lauderdale
This is the other out news anchor, and naturally he’s in Miami/Ft. Lauderdale. We’re actually sort of surprised there isn’t a gay anchor in San Francisco, but who the fuck watches the local news anyway?


Jeffrey Kofmann, ABC News
He’s cute, right? We’ve never seen him before.


Miguel Marquez, ABC News

FOTR (Friend of Thomas Roberts) and not so bad himself. Also, never seen him.

Not Out, Only Kinda Proud


Sam Champion, Good Morning America on ABC
We could have sworn Sam Champion was out when he was the local weather guy in NYC and everybody’s seen him traipsing about the Pines with a boy-toy or other (maybe these days he goes to the Hamptons?). But on Good Morning America (which rival Today show staffers have taken to calling GayMA) he’s playing to Peoria and he only sometimes fawns over Ryan Seacrest on air.


Robin Roberts,
Good Morning America on ABC

We’re pretty sure about this one, and it’s been mentioned elsewhere, but we’re not really ones to gush about the lezzies. Basically, the Today show staffers wouldn’t have been making their little joke if Sam was the only ‘mo, so unless Chris Cuomo has something to tell us, it’s got to be Robin who’s also doing the Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell newsgay dance at GayMA.


Shepard Smith, Fox News
He sort of looks like an alien, no?  We don’t want him. And given the whole Fox thing, he’ll never come out. Ever.


Anderson, Sweet Anderson, CNN

It will be a total anti-climax when he finally does the deed and admits it to the world, but there will nonetheless be a few champagne corks popped and rails blown in his honor at gay establishments across the land.  We’ve covered him enough, so we’ll just leave it at that.

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