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Manny Gets a Rise Out of Brandon

In his second sex scene at Sean Cody, Manny is so happy to be back that even Brandon rose to the occasion.

Manny is a sexy, hairy bottom with a fat, curved beauty of a dick and a hot, muscled ass he loves to get plowed. Brandon is always stunning to look it and his charming goofiness is on full display today as well. That’s a perfect match to Manny’s infectiously likeable personality.

manny sean cody
From Manny’s solo to getting fucked a few days later by Tanner, Manny is just what Sean Cody has been needing. Brandon has been needing a decent scene and delivers one today. Shaw and Brandon both got their dicks hard enough to penetrate in the same week should be a given, not a headline. But hey, both Dean and Manny got the better end of those sticks. By proxy, so did we.

manny sean cody
Skipping the usual BTS BS, the scene opens with Manny sucking off Brandon and getting excited enough to blow his first load from it. From the way he’s fingering his own hole while eating Brandon’s ass, he wants to be fucked badly, Brandon doesn’t make him wait long.

manny sean cody
Brandon getting fucked for the first and only time wasn’t just a letdown, it gets in the way of seeing his beautiful ass in motion. He was stiff enough to stick it in every time and while he’ll likely never be anything close to a power top, his peter didn’t peter out in the usual 30 seconds or less today either. After fuck number one, Brandon oulls out, shoots his nut and Manny drinks it up. Now they’re even at one load each. A little disjointed perhaps, but onto round two.

manny sean cody
Brandon’s dick cooperates again and Manny’s big smile and bigger dick makes the scene worthwhile just for that – and for what immediately follows. Brandon fucks a massive load out of Manny he sprays all the way up to his chin. Brandon wipes some up, slaps it into Manny’s facial cheeks while he creams the pair in the basement.

[Watch “Brandon & Manny: Bareback” at Sean Cody]

4 thoughts on “Manny Gets a Rise Out of Brandon”

  1. I never tire of seeing the beautiful, muscular and personable Brandon in a new gay porn scene. You’re great Brandon.

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