manuel skye fucks taylor reign

“I Saw It In The Window & Had To Have It”

No, this isn’t Carol Burnett. But the phalanx of positions Manuel Skye fucks Taylor Reign in makes this scene qualify as an XXX variety show.

Taylor Reign loves to be manhandled. That means he likes it best when he’s paired with a man who can do just that.

But more than just physical strength, Manuel Skye brings something else to the table today: the sexual imagination to inspire Taylor’s submissive streak to take hold ad Taylor held on for anything Manuel could dish out.

manuel skye fucks taylor reignWith Manuel happily paired in real life to Mick Stallone, what we see him do today is successfully make a connection with Taylor that builds trust in the pursuit of the balance between romantic sensuality and hard sex.

manuel skye fucks taylor reignNo wonder Taylor has a thing for older guys. And visa versa.

manuel skye fucks taylor reignPlus, seasoned men, according to Taylor, have another allure, “I swear their dicks are bigger!”. No wonder CockyBoys said he and Manuel, “had to be paired up.” We already knew from his encounter with Arad Winwin: Taylor thinks, “It’s really hot when they can lift you up in the air and put you wherever they want.” In today’s case, that included the window rail.

manuel skye fucks taylor reignThe acrobatic manhandling of Taylor is especially impressive not just for the variety of positions, but that so many of them would be physically untenable for most men. Eventually, Taylor explodes all over Manuel’s abs. Then he lays Taylor on his stomach and criss crosses his back intersecting cum lashes.

[Watch Taylor & Manuel in “Manuel Skye Manhandles Taylor Reign!” at CockyBoys]

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