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Whose Load Is It Anyway?

When it comes to taking blasts to the face, Manuel Skye’s “Two Dick Minimum” has been exceeded.

Whether it’s flipping with real-life husband Mick Stallone or power-fucking a man-hungry twink, Manuel Skye has been a one-man showcase of true versatility.

Today, his skills as a cocksmith, and the resilency of his throat, are stretched as he becomes the designated cum rag in this four-man oral orgy in the latest from “Two Dick Minimum” from Raging Stallion.

Meet the Meat:
manuel skye jack andy jack vidraMaking sure Manuel has his fill today are Jack Andy, CJ Phillips, and Jack Vidra.

manuel skye jack andy jack vidraManuel and his barback CJ are trying to close up. The Jacks, Andy and Vidra had other ideas and opened thier pants. Manuel and CJ exchange a conspiratorial look that says, “Let’s see how this plays out.” Let the games begin.

manuel skye jack andy jack vidraWhen it comes to Jack Andy’s oversized schlong, initially Jack helped Manuel with the heavy lifting.

manuel skye jack andy jack vidraBut one Manuel sinks to his knees, Jack Andy, CJ, and Jack Vidra all fight for throat time.

Now Manuel’s face is officially the target. Jack Andy is the first to shoot, followed immediately by Jack Vidra’s cum. With their loads blown, Manuel Skye announces last call with a mission statement: “If you’re not the one I’m fucking, get out of here!”

[Watch Manuel, CJ, Jack Andy, & Jack Vidra in “Two Dick Minimum” scene four at Raging Stallion]

1 thought on “Whose Load Is It Anyway?”

  1. I’ve been into scat for many years. It’s hard to find in the U.S. It’s impossible to find a porn magazine with that action. The same for VHS/DVD. There were underground stuff over the years. Homemade & amateur stuff. It was not high quality, not well lit and not the gorgeous porn actors we are accustomed too. Still, I got whatever I could over the years Guys can get amoeba or pinworm Fucking can give you things like AIDS/STDs. Some like watching, some like eating or smearing. All of us including actors,, teachers, bosses, billionaires all have to do it- like it or not. After a shower I’m as good as new.Tattoos, piercings can scar for life. You have to do it anyway so why not give us piss and/or shit if we want it. By the way plain old rimming a clean ass after a shower can still give you parasites too. I in no way consider it as hatred of oneself or a deserved punishment. It just means when we really like a guy we want what his body offers-inside and shit is legal, but for anybody to see it is condemned.?!

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