Manville’s Latest Parody Attempt: Drilligan’s Island

The studio that brought you terrible parodies such as Batman & Robin: An All-Male XXX Parody, The Green Lantern Is Gay, and I Dream of Twinky, are back to embarrass us all again.

This time it’s a Gilligan’s Island parody sans Mary-Ann but with a boy named Ginger and a boat called the “S.S. Man-Oh”, and it’s called Drilligan’s Island. But hey, Kirk Cummings is still getting work, so there’s that — and he plays Ginger.

Drilligan’s Island stars Anthony Verusso, who last year was getting fucked by Ryan Rose for Falcon, as Drilligan.


And the rest of the cast consists mostly of Manville repertory regulars like Trevor Knight, who plays the millionaire Thrustin Holewell III (ugh), Brody Wilde as The Skipper, Alex Greene as The Professor, Chase Young as Bobby Dan, Blake Dawson as Lovey, and Justin Dean as the witch doctor.

Below is the trailer, which involves a lot of fucking in front of dried palm fronds and fake caves. Go here for some behind-the-scenes hilarity.

Does everyone just buy these DVDs as gag gifts for bachelorette parties, or…? How do they keep making them?!


[Manville Entertainment]

5 thoughts on “Manville’s Latest Parody Attempt: Drilligan’s Island”

    1. Don’t blame the studios for this atrocity. When JetSet finally went to the elephant grave yard, someone had to take up the mantle of “bad parody porn for gag gifts.” I don’t think anyone actually jerks off to this, they just give it as funny gifts.

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