Marcus Mojo Comes To Golden Gate

Golden Gate’s third episode launched today, which means the solos and behind-the-scenes exclusive are up now, and the hardcore duo goes live next Friday. In it, Marcus Mojo is the top!

Guess who the bottom is?

It’s none other than Miss Lollipop Twink herself, Jake Lyons! Dumb epithets aside, no one can deny Lyons’ hunger for dick. If you ignore all his drama (I know, this coming from me), the simple fact is that the boy loves getting fucked, and it always shows. And while I was skeptical of Marcus Mojo assuming topping duties, he proves that somewhere inside of every good bottom is an even better top.

Watch full episodes from season one and two here, and here’s the trailer for next week’s update:

[NakedSword: Golden Gate]

1 thought on “Marcus Mojo Comes To Golden Gate”

  1. Joey Stefano was the God of bottoms compared to Jake Lyons. Joey never came off as a skank, and had a movie-star face. Only reason I follow Jake on Twitter is because he’s so ridiculous, and want’s to use obnoxiousness as a main selling feature.

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