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Absence Makes The Hard Grow

True. He wasn’t gone for long. But Markie More is back and already providing us reasons to be glad. And that goes double for Dakota Young.

This week began with some great news. Not only had Markie More ended his retirement, he came back with a mission to combat bullying by donating $150 to charity from each shoot. Next Door is adding a Benjamin Franklin bringing the total to $250.

While I am not sure when this was filmed, I’m sure glad he’s back. Today, along with Dakota Young, he establishes why he is one of gay porn’s favorites sons in “Reunited” from NextDoorStudios (NDR).

markie more fucks dakota youngThe neutral background makes it more apparent than it was already: Dakota Young is as cute as Markie More is handsome. At 5’6″, Dakota is a pint-sized serving of hotness. Markie More is as strapping as ever. The views of his ass make me hope he bottoms again soon. But today, Dakota wants to be manhandled. And NDR called in the right man to do the handling.

markie more fucks dakota youngMarkie quickly filled Dakota’s mouth, eye-balling his ass the whole time. Who wouldn’t be transfixed by that target?

markie more fucks dakota youngOnce Markie flipped him on his back, Dakota told Markie to do whatever he wanted. And he did.

markie more fucks dakota youngMarkie scoops him up for a mid-air fuck. Dakota pulled him in closer, begging him to fuck harder before being deposited on the floor as Markie made his deposit all over Dakota’s face. “Reunited” always feels so good – but seldom is this hot.

[Watch Dakota Young & Markie More in “Reunited” at NextDoorStudios]

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