martin from sean cody

Martin Has a Thick Head — and an Even Thicker Load

Martin is the latest slugger at Sean Cody. And his head is as thick as his loads.

Martin talks a good game. Baseball that is. Football season may have ended yesterday, but for Martin, baseball season never ends. His high school season that is. To hear him talk, you would think he’s gearing up for spring training rather than, “summer leagues and shit.”

martin from sean cody
He looks the part. A fine body down to the cum gutters and without a tan line in sight. His ass sure looks fuckable is those uniform pants. But look fast. That’s about all we get to see of it.

martin from sean cody
I have to give him this though. He’s rock hard the entire time. And the loads he shoots are wallpaper paste thick. As for him making a return visit? I suspect Sean Cody will have the same fate as his barber and likely never see him again.

[Watch cocky jock Martin play with his very hard bat]

Sean Cody Adds:

martin from sean cody
Martin from Sean Cody

Martin has been playing ball his whole life and bragged about how good he was … little did we know how really good he actually was. “I’ve been swinging a bat for a few years now.” He laughed “Do you ever make it home!” “I make it on base and almost always slide into home!” By now it was clear we were no longer talking about baseball. After showing off, he headed back to the studio where he stayed hard the entire time. “I like the attention, what can I say?” When it was time to bust, Martin shot one of the thickest loads I have ever seen. It was huge. [See Martin’s thick loads for yourself]

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