Martin “Phama Douche” Shrkeli Getting Trolled Is Hilarious

“Comedian Mary Houlihan interviewed internationally-despised hobgoblin Martin Shrkeli for Seriously TV, and delivered him the shaming we’ve all been longing to see.” ~Paper

Martin Shkreli, aka “the RX-Douche,” has been on my shit list since last September during my tenure at GayPornBlog.

I first posted about this 32 year-old former CEO of Turing Pharmaceuticals after he brazenly hiked the price of the 62-year-old drug used to treat AIDS, Daraprim. Shkreli raised the price from $13.50 per tablet to $750. Then he demonstrated about as much remorse for the indiscriminate tampering around with drugs as Bill Cosby does.

pharmadouche1I was happier when I posted the December update that Shkreli had been arrested for securities fraud.

pharmadouche2Also in that month, Shkreli has bragged that he had no plans to listen to the Wu Tang album he purloined for a cool two million chiefly to “keep it from the people.” At least I found someone as reprehensible at Michael Weinstein. Let’s hope that stays a table for two.

maxresdefault-1And in the very first harbinger of the holiday season, Seriously.TV gave us all a present today. As Mediate pointed out, “He might have gotten some idea when Mary Houlihan asked him, “What do you like better, East Coast rap or HIV turning into full-blown AIDS?”

As Paper chimed in, “After letting Shkreli embarrass himself with boasting how much sex he gets, Houlihan quickly asks, “Do you have any friends?”–I almost fainted from how perfectly timed it was. As Shkreli stammers to think of an answer (something about starting a friendship with Courtney Love) the boom mic hits him…for a second time.

“Show some respect! This is Martin Skrillex; he invented AIDS!” Houlihan yells to her crew.

His look of visible devastation will make your week; Mary Houlihan is my new hero.”

Mine too!

And now, back to our regularly scheduled pornography.

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