Masked Twunk With Massive Dick Makes Studio Debut

What is it with these hot men with huge dicks wearing masks? I gotta say, it’s kinda hot—especially for us diehard suckers, it really forces you to hone in on that cock. Now we get another mystery man to drool over.

Then again, you’ve probably already heard of FullMetalTwunk, who has been showing off his massive meat on JustForFans, plowing some of the porn stars we’ve all come to know and love. This isn’t new territory for Timtales, either—the studio has unleashed masked studs with huge dicks on us before, including FantomasXXL and Holehunter. Is it just me, or would a site dedicated to masked tops with big dicks do great?! (Maskurbate is hot, but I’m thinking bigger masks and bigger dicks!)

FullMetalTwunk, Joaquin Santana FullMetalTwunk, Joaquin Santana

In addition to his gorgeous piece of meat (seriously, would you look at that thing?!), FullMetal also has an amazing body, including that hairy muscle chest and those freaking abs. He’s also American, which isn’t something we see a lot of at Timtales. Here, he’s paired with cute Colombian bottom Joaquin Santana, a mainstay for the studio.

FullMetalTwunk, Joaquin Santana FullMetalTwunk, Joaquin Santana

Joaquin slurps the masked man nice and slow, then bends over and takes that big dick doggy. The top also has to go nice and slow, gyrating his body and sliding it all the way in—and the overhead shot looking down on the bottom’s beautiful backside as he takes it is my favorite of the entire scene. Joaquin also looks sexy as fuck on his back, his abs tight and his dick nice and plump as he gets rammed (poor fella can barely catch his breath, and watching his face as he gasps is half the fun here).

FullMetalTwunk, Joaquin Santana FullMetalTwunk, Joaquin Santana

The sit-down sequence is also fantastic, the bottom sliding his smooth hole all the way down (by now, he can take it a little faster…atta boy!). What do you think of this anonymous man with the big dick? Do you like masked sex in your personal life?

See the full scene at Timtales!


23 thoughts on “Masked Twunk With Massive Dick Makes Studio Debut”

  1. You are aware that death to ‘big, black cocks’ would also mean death to the men that have them, right? Whether you’re speaking literally or figuratively, you’re a p.o.s.

    Though what’s curious is that EVERYONE has body hair, it’s just a question of ‘where’ and ‘how much,’ so add self-hatred to the extensive list of your problems.

    1. Oh, he’s well aware and I doubt he follows any posts once he’s made comment. He posts this shit on so many gay porn forums. All a bunch of Racist, Xenophobic, Islamaphobic, and even Homophobic crap under the guise of sarcasm, irony, or humor to make libtards cry. I wish someone would ping his IP, but he probably hides that with the VPN he uses to download questionable shit and rotates email addresses as well.
      I just Googled his SN and tons of crazy came up. This is from yesterday on Urban Dictionary

      1. Universal Potentate

        This isn’t racism. It’s a small-penis-large-ass fetish wrapped inside someone with limited grammatical skill and OBVIOUS mental illness. Genuine racists wouldn’t be mad at big white cocks. This guy is. It’s just that BBC is a very real porn term, so he’s stating his rejection of it.
        In any case, this is one you just want to don’t respond to, largely because he doesn’t follow these posts, as you said, but also I’m not interacting with a sane person.

  2. He may use the names FullMetalTwunk and Starry Twunk but Twunks do not have back hair or goatees. Twink + Hunk = Twunk for people in the slow lane. He’s an Otter at best. Probably has a busted-up face under the mask <(snark)
    C’mon, we already have people not showing face on hook-up sites or no pic with “swimmer’s build” in the description. Oh, and a Black man wearing a balaclava/ski mask is pushing the thug stereotype a bit too hard, IMO

    1. Right? What kind of trash is this? We’re paying for an actual subscription not for someone’s iPhone shot onlyfans videos.

      1. Speaking for myself, I want to see the guys face as he takes cock up his ass. Or when he fucks a bottom. Having masks , is just the same as having a condom on.

  3. Universal Potentate

    I mean this PURELY in a technical way …
    Is a black person a twink/twunk?
    Is a person with chest hair of much body hair a twink/twunk?
    Isn’t a twink/twink defined by innocent, youthful facial features which a mask defeats the purpose of?
    And I suppose there’s no rule about height, I envision twinks being a little shorter, at least under 6’ tall.
    And again, perhaps not a rule, but I imagine twinks as bottoms or switches.
    Full Metal Twunk is a reference to the popular anime Full Metal Alchemist. The show centers around a young wizard boy (maybe 8 years old?) who accidentally traps his soul in a suit of armor. I have NO idea how that is analogous to this actor’s identity.
    A better name might be Masked Mandingo.
    Joaquin Santana is beautiful as always.

      1. Universal Potentate

        Thank you anon troll.
        I’m mixed black & white, for one.
        Two read more carefully and reply intelligently.
        Third, this message board has enough trolls. We don’t need nonsense like this. Take your fake outrage to Twitter where it belongs.

        1. That wasn’t a troll post that was a legitimate question what does being Black has anything to do with being a twink? And you’re not mixed otherwise you would’ve known to capitalize the B in Black when talking about a person.

    1. Corbin Colby is a beautiful Black Twunk (swoon) and a switch, Adrian Hart has his Twunky moments, 80 Gays on PH has some great Black Twunks

      1. Universal Potentate

        Good Lord, that is one sexy sexy creature.
        I thought my question was clear enough when I added the word “technically” but I’ll elucidate.
        Hostess makes Twinkies from where the term twink derives its name. A Twinkie is a penile shaped roll full of cream, but it’s made from angel cake, a pale yellow colored cake.
        Hostess does make chocolate version of this, but they are called Ho Hos. The cream-filled cupcake is called a Ding Dong. As you can see, for obvious reasons, there was really no good name for a “black twink.”
        I’m not sure exactly what label to give that creamy treat in the photo … but I’d like to know.

        1. Hostess has solved the conundrum. ‘Cause with Black twinks, Rihanna had it right. it’s all about that Chocolate Cake-Cake-Cake…

    2. The usage of words evolve. No matter how the term ‘twink’ may have began, it’s not how many people use it, I’m willing to wager. For instance, I’ve always defined the term as a youngish-looking gay male, with a minimum of body hair though more relevantly, having nothing to do with the skin color of the person.

      That is, when I feel the need to indulge in such silliness in the first place (which thankfully, is extremely rare).

      1. Universal Potentate

        I see that. It’s definitely a bit of difficult one because the word comes with a lot of diverse expectations, including very minimal expectations from others.
        Anyway, thanks for sharing. We agree on the body hair thing, definitely!

    3. Hostess has solved the conundrum. ‘Cause with Black twinks, Rihanna had it right. it’s all about that Chocolate Cake-Cake-Cake…

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