“MasonWyler.com Is Officially Dead”

Mason Wyler’s contract with Next Door Studios, which produced MasonWyler.com, ended officially yesterday (Next Door, like many studios, doesn’t work with HIV-positive models, but they’ll likely keep Mason’s site running as long as there are paying members), meaning that, for the first time in over three years, Mason Wyler is officially unemployed.

The Sword spoke with Mason about his future in porn and whether or not his career his really “over,” as he wrote last night:

Over is exactly what I am. My contract is expired as of today. MasonWyler.com is officially dead. After 3 years of working for Next Door Studios they have decided I am of no more use or value to their company and have opted not to resign me. My porn career had been on life-support for over a year now so this isn’t a big surprise for me. Still, having the plug finally pulled on something I love is depressing to me. I genuinely enjoy my line of work and I wish there was still a place for me in it, but I am fairly certain my time is up. I have never been an ambitious or creative person so I am having a bit of trouble figuring out what to do next. I, like the other porn-somethings, am in no position to retire so it is imperative that I realign my goals soon. Right now though, I think I just want to take a few days to mourn the end of a very big chapter in my life.

This morning, Mason told The Sword that he would love to not have to find another job right now, and may take out a student loan to finish his college degree.

“I have just a couple semesters left,” Mason said. “I was studying social studies education before I started doing porn, but left school once I got more and more into porn. Now though, with the advent of the internet, I don’t know how safe it would be for me to teach school or if I even could. I keep getting letters from younger and younger fans.”

Mason did save “one or two months” worth of earnings from his work at Next Door, including a bonus check for the number of recurring members on his site.

“The last bonus check I got was for $441, and I got one dollar for every member. So, I know they still have 441 paying members on the site,” he explained.

The suggestion of starting his own membership site comes up often, but Mason openly admits to not being ambitious enough to take on a project like that on his own.

“I’m not like Pierre Fitch or Brent Everett or Brent Corrigan. I’m not the kind of person that takes initiative, and I need someone to force me to get things done. I guess that called laziness.”

Mason is a lot of things, but lazy? No. He’ll be back…


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17 thoughts on ““MasonWyler.com Is Officially Dead””

  1. I think Mason is one of the hottest guys and best bottoms in porn and I will definitely miss him. That said, it is entirely his fault……he’s lazy. His twitter can go daysss with no update, the blog can go weeks, and his ManHunt account might as well be closed. All of this criticism is based on his own admission that he was turning over a new leaf earlier this year and was going to keep in touch with his fans better and update his blog more. Didn’t happen. If he wants to be in the spotlight, it’s there for the taking, he’s got the talent. All he has to do is get the fuck out of bed and do it.

  2. The harshest community regarding HIV is the one that is the most effected. Being that it’s no longer 1981; times have changed. Mason’s still got a place as do several other models.

  3. Do bareback. Get HIV. Still do porn.

    I don’t get it. Who would ever want to have sex with a HIV positive person for pay? No amount of pay is ever worth the risk, and to hire people to do that is just wrong… Nobody should be hiring anybody with HIV to fucking anybody.

  4. I feel sorry for him…maybe I shouldn’t. I mean, he alone put himself at risk. There is more to this than just getting as many dicks in you as possible. Although I have been guilty of the same at some points in my life. I wish him the best. He is absolutely beautiful and I hope he gets what he needs. As far as NDM, there are no hunky (or even less than hunky) gay guys out there who would be willing to have a section of their site? Or are they homophobic? I mean really…Cody Cummings? For God’s sake, stick one in your butt and get it over with! It’s getting silly! The straight guy thing, at least for me, is so old.

  5. This really makes me hate Next Door. They build their brand on someone like Mason…and now that he is HIV they drop him. So do they not work with HIV models…or just open and out Models?

    1. It would seem to make sense not to hire someone with a sexually communicable disease if your business depended on people having sex. Testing has worked extremely well on the straight side, and I admire the gay studios who have implemented it, along with safer sex guidelines.

    2. Yeah, you’re probably right. Next Door should just say “fuck it” and compromise their strongest business ethic and resign an HIV positive model.

  6. Obviously, I don’t know the details of the payment structure of his contract; but, a “bonus” of $1 for referring new customers seems ridiculously low. Current affiliates of Next Door Studios can earn a one-time payment of $35 for each new customer they refer.

    1. It’s $1/member (old or new) not $1/new member and it’s recurrent. My question is, since he is …still, a successful webcam model, why not signup to a webcam website as a model? Not running his own webcam site, but signup to one of a many out there (such as Live Jasmine, etc.)

      1. Oh, I guess that makes more sense. I did misread that. Thanks for polite reply (as many people on the Internet would have attacked me for making a mistake).

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