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Matt Bomer, Nathan Lane to Star in ‘Golden Girls’-esque Sitcom Pilot

Streaming The Golden Girls just wasn’t enough for Hulu: Now, the streamer announced that they’ve ordered a pilot for Mid-Century Modern, which sounds like a gender-swapped reimagining of the classic NBC sitcom, with Nathan Lane as the Dorothy, Matt Bomer as the Rose, and Linda Lavin as the Sophia. Perhaps unsurprisingly, this is from the minds of Ryan Murphy and Will & Grace creators Max Mutchnik and David Kohan.

The series will focus on three gay friends of a certain age who all live with Bunny (Lane) and his mother (Lavin) in Palm Springs. Bomer’s character is described as a former Mormon who is hard of body and soft of mind. And maybe Golden Girls superfans will appreciate that the erstwhile housekeeper Coco, seen only in the pilot, might be resurrected in the form of a “naked Gen Z housekeeper.” To quote the official logline: “As a chosen family, they prove that no matter how hard things get, there’s always someone around to remind you it would be better if you got your neck done.”

No word yet on who will play the Blanche or that naked Gen Z housekeeper but an important distinction: This is not an official Golden Girls remake. It just sure sounds an awful lot like our favorite Miami quartet living out loud on rattan.

It was only a matter of time before The Golden Girls got snapped up as a possible reboot given the run on existing IP in the last few years, but we don’t know how to feel about this news. Should we even be excited for a show about Palm Springs gays? Should we dread a Ryan Murphy half-hour multicam? And perhaps most importantly, who will play the Blanche character? (To provide some perspective: Bomer is 46, Lane is 68, and Lavin is 86.)

Also worth wondering: Just how sexy will Mid-Century Modern be? Bomer has already proven that he’s not shy about taking off his clothes, and an entire character is described as “naked” so we’re betting there will be some skin. We’re not betting on much since Hulu is a Disney-owned company, but time will tell.

Or the pilot won’t get greenlit for series, and all of this will be like that time Octavia Spencer was going to star in a Murder, She Wrote reboot that got a lot of outrage and never happened.





12 thoughts on “Matt Bomer, Nathan Lane to Star in ‘Golden Girls’-esque Sitcom Pilot”

  1. Universal Potentate

    Mid-Century Modern. I had to Google it. It refers to a post-WW2 stylistic movement dealing with interior design to graphics to architecture. 1945-70. It’s like saying “Art Deco.”
    Apparently this refers to the age of the characters as well. But Matt Bomer is 46 and you’d have to be 54 to meet that criteria.
    Since it’s 2024 and the 40s-60s is the mid-century, will this be set in the past century or in the current century, 20+ years in the future?
    As for a Blanche character, America definitely needs a hypersexual gay man pushing 60 pretending he’s still 35. Let’s get Ricky Martin and call it a day.
    My expectation is this thing will be trashed before the pilot gets written.

    1. MCM is an architectural style that is synonymous with Palm Springs and was one thing that brought the boys here in the ’90’s gentrifying Palm Springs putting it back on the map.
      With them mentioning a gen-z house boy (a’la La Cage Jacob/Birdcage Agador) it implies that it is set in present time.
      And the Coachella Valley is home of the ultra fit daddy acting their age (hopped up on testosterone and Human Growth Hormone).

      1. One way is being generous describing his acting ability. I mean I guess the best acting was on his back snaring the multi millionaire publicist Simon Halls. Who is no picture.

  2. There was a British sitcom that ran on PBS here staring Ian McKellen and Derek Jacobi called Vicious. It was about an older gay couple. It was much better than this show sounds like it will be.

  3. There is a gay sitcom called West 40s on YouTube. Very funny show about a group of gay friends in NYC. They only shot one episode and it never went further. I’d rather see that picked up than this thing. Matt as Rose? Oh brother.

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