matthew bosch jack vidra flip fuck titanmen

A Ginger Cock Tale

Can’t blame them. Red haired, insatiable Jack Vidra and hung Matthew Bosch service each other instead of the pool. Why dip when you can flip, right?

Wanna get wet? Need some help with your pump? Not getting enough suction on your hose?

“Pool Service”, the latest from TitanMen, takes customer satisfaction very seriously and remind us you should be seeing red before you dive into the deep end.

“Pool Service” stars TitanMen exclusives, Matthew Bosch and Liam Knox, along with Jason Vario and Adam Ramzi plus the two of gay porn’s favorites redwoods, Jack Vidra and Bennett Anthony.

[Watch “Pool Service” at TitanMen]

The splashes begin today with Matthew Bosch and Jack Vidra

matthew bosch jack vidra flip fuck titanmenWe first were introduced Matthew Bosch as a bottom kind of guy. Since then, he’s also put his big dick to work trading fucks with Hunter Marx, Bruce Beckham, Alex Mecum, and Jesse Jackman. Jack Vidra we’ve seen on the receiving end of Boomer Banks and Tex Davidson. We haven’t seen him top. Until now. Thanks to TitanMen director Jasun Mark, now we know that we’ve been missing out.

matthew bosch jack vidra flip fuck titanmenMatthew’s cock is not lacking for anything. Not width. Not skin. And not length. Ditto for Jack’s throat. My G-d. This man could suck the paint off a Fiat & spit out an Escalade.

matthew bosch jack vidra flip fuck titanmenNo dive in the pool yet. Jack’s first face dives into Matthew’s plump, hairy ass. Next, his rust colored bush is ticking the lips of Matthew’s hole.

matthew bosch jack vidra flip fuck titanmenThey flip into a sexual tumbling run that goes from riding to missionary and back to riding again. As he navigates up and down Matthew’s pole, Jack blasts all over Matthew’s furry abs and chest. Jack gets his face right into Matthew’s junk as Matthew spills his load. Jack cleans up the spill with his tongue and shares it back with Matthew.

[Watch Matthew & Jack in “Pool Service” scene one at TitanMen]


Carpe diem, guys!
matthew bosch jack vidra flip fuck titanmen

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