Matthew Bosch & Jason Vario’s Uncut Monsters

If you think there’s no bigger monster than the tax man, you haven’t seen Jason Vario fuck the cum out of Matthew Bosch.

The hardest part of this season for tax man Matthew Bosch is the audit payback Jason Vario performs with his dick. Picking up where last year’s “Tax Man Cumeth” left off, TitanMen’s latest timely release is “TaXXX”. The agents are back and instead of emptying your bank account, they’re ready to bust your balls.

“TaXXX” features TitanMen exclusives Matthew Bosch, Liam Knox, and Eddy CeeTee who are prepared to do some busting of Jason Vario, Alex Mecum, and Bennett Anthony.

[Watch “TaXXX” at TitanMen]

The audit begins today with Matthew Bosch and Jason Vario.

matthew bosch jason vario titanmenThe last two times we’ve seen Matthew Bosch, he was dishing it out as well as taking it. Today, he’s working out a deal with deduction abuser Jason Vario. He could have gotten anything he wanted. And he did. He wanted every perfect inch of Jason’s big dick in every hole and as fast as possible. Smart man.

matthew bosch jason vario titanmenFirst, there’s a battle of the deepthroats before Jason flips Matthew on his back and dives face first into Matthew’s furry ass.

matthew bosch jason vario titanmenJason shimmies his way up Matthew’s back, plants his tongue in Matthew’s mouth and his dick in that slicked up hole.

matthew bosch jason vario titanmenOnce he gets Matthew on his back, Jason really goes to Pound Town. Ramming away, he makes Matthew explode before topping it off immediately after. And everyone learned something. Turns out it was a lot easier for Jason to get out of his audit than for Matthew to get two loads out of his hairy abs. #HunkProblems.

[Watch Matthew Bosch & Jason Vario in “TaXXX” scene one at TitanMen]

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