matthew bosch jesse jackman flip fuck titanmen

The Fliptastick Matthew Bosch

When Jesse Jackman and Matthew flip today, it’s not a matter of one good fuck deserves another. It’s about two big dicks both getting what they need.

The first scene from “Cauke for Free” from TitanMen was a real scorcher. Not only was it hairy, and hung Alex Mecum’s debut with the studio, it was a toe curling fuck trade that ended with Alex licking his load off Matthew’s chest and feeding it back to him.

In the finale today, Matthew once again displays what a hairy, hung, strapping man does to him. Once his fine, furry ass has been filled. His dick wants to cum out at play too.

matthew bosch jesse jackman flip fuck titanmen“We could both use a little redemption,” says Jesse Jackman, one TitanMen exclusive to another at the beginning of the scene. In other words, today “redemption” is code for first “I’m drilling your ass silly. Then my hole is yours.”

matthew bosch jesse jackman flip fuck titanmenJust look at Matthew’s big, fat dick sticking straight up like a monument. The monument soon gets a visitor.

matthew bosch jesse jackman flip fuck titanmenAnd then, so does Matthew’s ass. Jesse doesn’t just jab and go. He impales himself then starts using his dick for some deep anal excavation.

matthew bosch jesse jackman flip fuck titanmenJesse uses his tie to pull Matthew in close for a kiss as he fucks him before flipping on his back to get some of that good dick himself. Before long, that tanned, hairy chest is covered in two white loads earned the hard way.

[Continue with Matthew & Jesse in “Cauke for Free” scene five]

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