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Max Konnor Makes His CockyBoys Directorial Debut

Superstar Max Konnor isn’t just the star of the newest CockyBoys video – he’s also the director! This new scene marks his CockyBoys directorial debut as well as the eighth overall CockyBoys scene he’s starred in.

The new scene is set on Fire Island and features Max and CockyBoys exclusive Angel Rivera fucking around in a pool, on a bench, and in an outdoor shower. Throughout the scene, we get some great shots of Angel’s hungry hole as it swallows Max’s giant member and some beautiful views of Max’s ridiculously fit, naked body.

Max Konnor Angel Rivera Max Konnor Angel Rivera

The scene also features a pre-fuck interview where we get to hear Max talk about the Black Lives Matter movement. We see some footage of recent protests as Max talks about wanting to be “seen and heard” in the industry. Max says that he wants to show that Black and Brown models are profitable, work hard, and make great art.

Angel also discusses equality in the industry. The model talks about wanting to “bring more awareness as a Latin performer” and making “a scene with a statement.”

With the release of this new scene, both Max and Angel tweeted about the importance of de-fetishizing interracial porn scenes. Max tweeted that “POC can be presented as more than a fetish” and Angel called for “better BLACK & BROWN relations.”

‘Interracial’ should become less of fetish and seen for its chemistry between two people,” Angel tweeted. “Thank you @cockyboys & Max for giving me a scene where I can speak on it.”

Check out the trailer for the new scene below and be sure to watch the entire video over at CockyBoys!


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