max kruse dick pics

#CelebrityCock: Footballer Max Kruse

Maximilian “Max” Kruse is a German soccer player who has been known to score four goals in a single match. Pretty remarkable when you get a look at the two-fisted Bratwurst he stuffs into his shorts.

Today’s in the #CelebrityCock spotlight is 30-year-old Max Kruse.

Max is a German footballer who plays as a forward for Werder Bremen team in the Bundesliga (the “NFL” of soccer).

Max is known as a terror on the turf.

max kruse dick picsHe’s also known as something of a ladies man.

And thanks to our friends at OMGBlog, now we know why.

max kruse dick pics

max kruse dick pics



There’s a reason why they call NakedSword the “Netflix of Gay Porn”
max kruse dick picsOver 20,000 reasons why. And eight new ones every day!



max kruse dick pics

max kruse dick pics

max kruse dick pics

max kruse naked

Anyone in the mood to play ball all of a sudden?




4 thoughts on “#CelebrityCock: Footballer Max Kruse”

  1. Really? The whole 32 second video has been on tumblr for well over a year. It’s an amazing penis, see for yourself, but kinda old news.

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