Colby Keller, Brenner Bolton, Paul Cannon Mike De Marko, Landon Mycles, and Paddy O’Brian are the XXXMen.

As “X-Men: Apocalypse” hit the theaters next Thursday, at the stroke of midnight, “XXXMEN – A Gay Porn Parody” will go live. We’ll be learning who else has cast in it over the next few days.

But this already has two big things going for it: Alter Sin is directing and Colby Keller is the star.


[UPDATED May 24]
Today released the “X-MEN XXX Porn Parody” group photo …
Does that mean a big group scene for the finale? We’ll have some idea Friday, May 27th at midnight!

[UPDATED May 22]
It would only be fitting for a polarizing figure to play Magneto …
_magneto How ever you feel about Paddy O’Brian, few sites are as hot as this man “polarizing” another.

[UPDATED May 21]
Does Colossus turn into the Colosseum when he’s got a dick in his ass?
_colossusSince it’s Landon Mycles, we’ll know soon.

[UPDATED May 20]
It takes a hot man to play the Iceman and found him:
Who else will be joining Mike De Marko? Watch this blog!

[UPDATED May 19]
Paul Canon as Pyro. Perfect casting.
Will this be the role that finally stomps out the fires he set in his past?

[UPDATED May 18]
In the land of the blind, the one-eyed man is king. has unveiled the Cyclops, or as we call him around here, Brenner Bolton.


By putting Colby Keller in the lead, we’re already ahead. Adam Ramzi is far from the only man with a rich fantasy life starring Colby Keller. Only for Adam, that fantasy became a reality in “Fuck Me I’m Famous”

[Watch Adam Ramzi and Colby Keller in “Fuck Me I’m Famous” at NakedSword]

With “Gay of Thrones”, “Apocalypse”, and “Star Wars”, parodies have been hot and not. Then they hit their stride with “Batman V Superman” this spring. Was that a “one hot” wonder, or can they deliver again? The ingredients are there. If they follow suit, no pun intended, as they did with “Batman V Superman” by paying equal attention to the fucking and not just the story, they will be giving us a jump start on a hot summer.

As if additional reasons to be more excited about anything Colby Keller were necessary, here’s a big one.
He flipped with donkey-dicked Falcon Studios Group exclusive JJ Knight last week in “From Another Time” so we already know he can be a real animal …

[Watch Colby Keller & JJ Knight in “From Another Time”]

Who else will be in Wolverine? Will it live up to the hype or jump the shark?

Watch this blog!

11 thoughts on “Meet The XXXMEN”

  1. These parodies are wasted on a studio like They could be so much better if they were shot somewhere else or even privately, and with no condoms, which I find to be the most ridiculous thing about these parodies.

  2. The only ones I’m interested in seeing are Mike de Marko and Brenner Bolton, but since this is Men, I’m not having any hopes that this will actually be good *sigh*

  3. Love sexy and cute Paul Canon. I’ve been a fan since his earliest days on BSB. Can’t wait to see him as Pyro.

  4. No doubt Topher DiMaggio will yet again appear as a boring un-popular top when everyone wants to see him bottom. Also everyone will be disappointed again if Paddy O’Brian appears and doesn’t bottom

    1. As an avid X-Men comic collector and fanboy who was doing this long before your father even generated the sperm that made you, oh unclench.

  5. What are you guys talking about Batman vs superman was horrible. Trent was too old for the role of batman and topher was way too short and not up to looks with a clark kent.

    1. As a superhero, yeah it was horrible but as a porno parody, I thought it was one of the better ones too.

      1. Sadly straight porn does this much much better. Axel Braun is perhaps the best director who makes these.

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