Meet Your New Fleshjack Boys

When they’re not getting kicked off boats, Bel Ami boys jack off inside of these rubber dildo things. Here, just look!

This year, Fleshjack partnered with Bel Ami and got four of their best models (not counting my baby Jack Harrer) to have their assholes and penises molded into all these toys for you to have sex with. If you’ve never wanted to jack off before, maybe this will help you change your mind:

To make the launch extra special all of the new BelAmi Fleshjack Boys will also have a unique texture for their Fleshjack product which will surely please customers and fans! Dolph Lambert’s new exclusive texture is called Delight. Kris Evans’ new exclusive texture is called Vigor. Kevin Warhol’s new exclusive texture is called Charmer.  Jean-Daniel Chagall’s new exclusive texture is called Paradise. All textures were designed with the model in mind and will provide a completely different experience!

I guess if you’ve fucked one Fleshjack, you really haven’t fucked them all?

A little Fleshjack trivia if you want to sound smart around all your whore friends: Last year’s Fleshjack models were Brent Corrigan, Brent Everett, and Pierre Fitch; the year before that, it was the Visconti Triplets; Austin Wilde, Samuel O’Toole, and Cody Cummings just won another Fleshjack contest, which means their toys should be out later this year; Steven Daigle famously (allegedly) threw his Fleshjack out a hotel window during Grabbys weekend last year in Chicago after he lost a Fleshjack contest.

Here are the photos of the Bel Ami boys. Here’s where you buy the Fleshjacks. And here’s where you watch the Bel Ami boys in action.


[Bel Ami]


16 thoughts on “Meet Your New Fleshjack Boys”

  1. So you mean for a second year in a row the fleshjack contest was set up??? Shocking!!! because I guarantee you none of these boys speak english nor do they know how to use a computer or promote themselves. Amazing that not a single American won, even though most of the ones that didn’t win are the gay for pay gay bashing models who shouldn’t have even been in the running. Hey Fleshjack, u american based companied specializing in the Gay man demographic, how about giving ur awards to some diverse American gay guys? Because not only did you give the pr, money and notoriety to a bunch of beautiful perfect bodied men who have such boring fucking we might was well be watching two pieces of furniture have sex, but u once and for all showed how set up ur contest is. #epicfail

    1. Are you going by these posed pics or are you basing that on seeing them in action? To each his own, but I find Kevin Warhol one hot little cum bucket who can’t GET enough dick. In action I personally find him anything BUT sanitized or boring.

  2. I thought the Next Door site boys were chosen to be the Fleshjack spokepersons? As a fan of BelAmi I’m thrilled for them being chosen.

  3. Another case of gay porn = white males. It really is quite said that these images of gay male desirability remains unchanged.

    1. How biggoted. Do the models in “Jet Magazine” come in white? Bel-Ami has a specific type, Colt Studios has a specific type. Maybe Flesh Jack haas to use “whte guys” because the Flesh Jacks don’t come in a size large enoufgh for other races????

      1. Valid comment on diversity from odawg.

        FYI Jet is not erotic publication. Those niche mags where created in a time of segregation,discrimination and when blacks where considered not desirable by mainstream media.

  4. Does beautiful bottom #4 shove it up the bum?

    “If BelAmi’s Brandon Manilow isn’t involved, then neither am I.”

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