Mega Penis EM & EM’s: The Tastiest Candy Ever

How do you like your EM & EM’s: Plain? Pretzel? Penis? It may be hard to find Mega M&M’s candy on the shelves anymore, but over at Timtales they’re serving up some very big EM & EM’s this week in the form of Ethan Metz and Eduardo Menzorra.

Which big treat would you want to savor first? Could you fit them both in your mouth at the same time? Check out these two tasty scenes and let us know…

1. Ethan Metz, Freddy Salvador

Ethan Metz, Freddy Salvador Ethan Metz, Freddy Salvador

Ethan Metz, Freddy Salvador

Ethan must have heard us drooling over his fellow Frenchman Tommy Dreams and his 9-inch uncut dick and decided he needed to get some more attention. Mission accomplished! In his latest scene, Ethan whips out his own 9-inch sausage and goes to town on the always hungry Freddy Salvador (who was the first at Timtales to get a taste of Tommy!). Freddy gobbles it up before bending over…then gets some tasty French creme in his mouth at the end. (Plus, we also get the return of the watermelon that we admired earlier this month!)

See Ethan fuck Freddy at Timtales!

2. Eduardo Menzorra, Saverio

Eduardo Menzorra, Saverio Eduardo Menzorra, Saverio

Eduardo Menzorra, Saverio

We’ve seen very little of Eduardo since his debut last year (in a “bonus scene” on Timtales that wasn’t really promoted), but he made a memorable impression in his very hot Rio foursome earlier this year (which landed on our list of the Hottest Timtales Scenes of 2022…So Far!). Now he and his very thick 8-inch Brazilian beef are back in a one-on-one with Saverio, whose beefy bod, bald head, beard and signature glasses are always a treat to watch. I can’t stop licking my lips in envy when I watch Saverio slurp on this big beautiful dick (that looks bigger than 8 to me!), which is soon deep up his ass.

See Eduardo fuck Saverio at Timtales!

Which EM & EM would you taste first?

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