Mega Trailer: All Six Other Sides Of “Aspen”

Part of the promotion for Other Side Of Aspen VI includes the “Directors’ Cuts” of the previous five Aspens, all packaged together in one box set and featuring, like, 5636783 cum shots. Or, as the DVD insert reads, “30 scenes, 62 models, 5 discs, over 6 hours.” For the first time anywhere, watch the eight minute trailer below.

In addition to Aspens I-V, the box set also includes the 2-disc, 17-scene Aspen VI, which brings the tally to 5639999 cum shots, I think. All six movies and bonus discs are bundled together here for only $99.

Here’s the trailer for the entire Aspen series, a 7-disc set:


[Buy Now: Aspen I-VI]

[Watch Now: Aspen VI]

4 thoughts on “Mega Trailer: All Six Other Sides Of “Aspen””

  1. Wow – Love that trailer… We put so much into the three Aspen movies I directed… 3,4 and 5. Oh do I have stories! You’ll just have to wait for my book! Nice to see all of the Falcon stars of the past!

  2. Thats what I call a trailer, Zach! Aspen I and II bring back a memory or two. Fun to see Al and Casey again, in their prime!

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