Goes The Vampire Route With Damien Crosse For Halloween

The week’s onslaught of Halloween-ish porn content is upon us, and’s answer is a vampire-themed series called Thirst, starring Damien Crosse and Pierre Fitch.

Sidebar: Does everyone remember the vampire/wolf porn from last year with Colby Keller, Paddy O’Brian, and lots of yellow contacts?

Part 1 features Damien seducing Jimmy Fanz, and I think the idea is that drinking Damien’s cum turns Jimmy into a vampire cum slut? That’s what it looks like in the trailer, and we’ll know better when the full scene drops Wednesday.

In Thirst Part 2, we get to see Damien fuck Pierre in Pierre’s first scene for since May. And it looks like Pierre’s also supposed to be a fellow vampire? But Damien says, “you’re not going to live forever,” so I’m confused. Anyway, that full scene goes live Thursday, Oct. 29.

Then we get Pierre flip-fucking with Jimmy, in Part 3, which will be out Friday, Halloween Eve…

And THEN, on Halloween, it’s a big vampire orgy. Of course.

We’ll get to that when the weekend comes.

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