matthew camp Launches New Site Centered Around Matthew Camp

Matthew Camp stans are about to feast! just launched a new website that’s centered around the muscle hunk. The new site is said to feature “all things Matthew Camp.” It will house all of Camp’s personal, self-produced content featuring intimate moments at home with friends and lovers, as well as all of the high-budget productions he is part of for the brand.

“I’m very excited to bridge the gap between studio and personal when it comes to the films I make,” said Camp in a statement. “It’s almost like the camera follows me from the show-stopping productions to the most intimate spaces in my home… but now all available in one place!”

matthew camp

The site launched earlier this week and already has over thirty videos of Camp on it. Most of the videos are of the homemade variety, but his projects like Rise of the Sirens and Tom of Finland are also included. His first original scene for the website is also available to view and features the hunk barebacking favorite Johnny Rapid. The same scene is also available on Johnny’s personal website.

If you’re looking to try out the new site, you can nab a two-day membership to the site for only $1. There are also other cheap membership options with prices being as low as $4 a month.

matthew camp

“It’s truly amazing to be supported by the biggest name in the industry,” Camp said about the launch of his site. “This level of recognition is a dream goal for anyone in this creative field. It’s so important for me as a performer to be able to share all sides of my sex life and it’s almost a little kinky to get this personal with my own home videos.”

Check out the trailer for Camp and Rapid’s hot, new scene and be sure to watch the full thing over on Matthew Camp’s website.



9 thoughts on “ Launches New Site Centered Around Matthew Camp”

  1. I am a huge fan of Matthew Camp! I signed up for his membership the day it was offered on It was actually on sale too. As I have a membership to I am able to pay only once for the Matthew Camp site and will have it for as long as I am a member. It is a sweet deal. I really like the attitude of the handsome hunk who is sincere, interesting, hot as heck, and totally at ease with his sexuality. He makes good porn and is a great porn star.

  2. This is just as bad as Why Not Bi. I’m so sick of this shit. I’m ready to just watch chaturbate all the time. You get better content there instead of these loser ass studios and there weak ass performers. Gay porn sucks now.

    1. Well, this will become anther bisexual/pan site,Camp has been recently saying he’s up for “exploring” his sexuality in videos and and has even been propositioning his clothing merc partner (one of the Cock Destroyer girls) to have sex with him on video.
      As a gay man, I have zero interest in yet another bisexual/G4P performer.
      This has always been the trend with Men using mostly Bi/G4P performers and it’s one that’s spreading, NDS is almost exclusively G4P now and even Falcon is mostly hiring G4P/bi/.pan performers.
      It’s almost impossible to find a studio scene with one let alone two gay men in it,

  3. Seriously? Given the world’s current situation, is there even any point in launching a new site? I mean, how much content do they even have on this guy? Hard pass.

  4. Well I guess will lose another customer when membership ends. These sites think just because gays have more money to dispose that we enjoy being ripped off. Just like NextDoorWorld and their Taboo site. No more!

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