Sets One Of Their ‘Stepdad’ Scenes On Fire Island?

This one’s a stretch! Even by standards!

I know it’s a fool’s errand to sit around debating the plausibility of porn premises, but hey, this is what sticks in my head sometimes. Today, we have a scene that’s Marc MacNamara clearly shot over the summer as one of many while he was out on Fire Island — a summer in which we saw the studio setting a tale of two Amish boys on Fire Island, no less — and this one they’ve shoe-horned into the My Mom’s New Husband series. They’re doing this by saying that Jack Radley’s mom was out on Fire Island on her honeymoon with new stepdad Tanner Brock, and Jack happens to be out on the beach checking out guys when he accidentally checks out his new stepdad, who coincidentally is gay/bisexual and wants to fuck him.

And so they get naked and start getting it on on the beach.

MacNamara told GayDailyHot that the shoot got a little complicated, during the beach scene, because someone had called the cops to report a dead fox in the area, so while they were mid-shoot, some cops arrived and Jack, Tanner, and Marc and his crew had to scramble to avoid any weirdness with the authorities.




Thus the scene moved indoors!



[ My Mom’s New Husband Part 7]

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