Meow! Hiss! Yawn…Rob Romoni Lashes Out At Jason Sechrest

Blogger Rob Romoni has taken to his blog to say some things about fellow blogger Jason Sechrest, and they are not very nice things!

In what appears to be an unprovoked attack, Romoni takes issue with a recent video that Sechrest made. That video, which includes news about a new Jason Sechrest Facebook page and a new Jason Sechrest website, is here, and while it’s not the best video ever made, it’s not the worst. It’s just whatever!

But here’s Romoni, who not only hates Sechrest, but who also hates periods, commas, spelling, and coherence:

In the settling dust of the economic shakedown which the gay adult industry had become one of its targets there is one person who in times of struggle and now becoming a free agent of his own hits the masses with a video talking about himself and more about himself. Its cute that Jason Sechrest with somewhat lacking of an original idea takes to his bed to purge for a rambling 6 minutes about himself, youtube and facebook ( i guess it beats three blogs worth of reading).

Rambling. LOL!

By the early results the video is a complete flop with posting a lack luster 70 views at last call. One could only surmise that with trying to stay relevant with his “gotcha reporting” that no one is really listening or paying much attention like they used too.

Why u mad bb?

With any “media” or self titled (insert name) blogger you need to reinvent yourself every once in a while so hopefully with now working on his own he knows a new game plan will be a welcome start.

OK. Is he drunk?

jk jk! You guys! Don’t fight!


11 thoughts on “Meow! Hiss! Yawn…Rob Romoni Lashes Out At Jason Sechrest”

  1. Jason is a useless, self promoting, blood sucker – will never spend money on anyone or anything he promotes.

    1. One thing I give Jason credit for is the attention he gives women and self-styled het male porn performers (despite his probable personal submotives), but what has always baffled me is how Jason consistently reports, writes and behaves not like a savvy, professional porn connoisseur and celebrity who could easily be an essential player in the politics and progress of adult cinema in our country — at the epicenter of an international porn metropolis no less! — but instead comes off like a thoughtless porn star groupie, with no perspective or grace, nor any interest in the souls behind the ripped abs, plucked taints and wild eyes of our nation’s treasured fuck films.

      I think he has tremendous potential and may one day make this needed, overdue transformation — I hope he does — and I bet he’s pondered how to do it. He seems like an intelligent and enterprising man who not long ago had the balls to go out there with only a pushy mic and hair gel and grab himself a place on the playing field among the most beautiful men on the planet — and that’s something. Then why does he still act like he’s just getting off his shift waiting tables at the Chili’s? I await his next move.

      As for Rob Romoni, sure his responses have catty entertainment value, but they are as blindly self-serving as anything Jason could put out there. Instead of finding a clever way to jump over Jason and take his writing to the next level of bloggerdom reporting, Rob effectively suburbanizes himself as well, the petty assistant manager of a Jo-Ann Fabrics.

  2. Hmmm? I’m slow….

    Rob is doing all this talk of Jason being a Free agent and on his own now talk. Is that double talk for Jason is no longer at Channel 1 releasing?? He does the promotion for Channel 1 right?? Excuse Me if I seem like I have no idea what is going on?? But I don’t..

    If that is the case, I would like to know if that is a rumor or a confirmed story. I’m sure the winner of a Cybersocket award for Best Porn Blog, would disclose this story himself right??

    Is anybody going to speak on this???

  3. i and a friend worked with rob in early 2000, he was an escort working with in philly. i ran into him a short while later after he began doing porn. we tried to say hello a few times but he was just really mean and very condesending towards us. i was really surprised. we were only trying to say hello but it was soon obvious we werent good enough anymore. weird since escorting was just something we were all doing for a few extra $..i and my ex tried a few times afyer that but he just totally ignored us…i dont get it i means hes doing porn its nt like we were going to embarrass him even if we did bring up the escort thing.

  4. Someone is bitter that Billy Heights is flopping like freshly caught trout. I’m kidding. Rob’s sense of humor can be mean as hell sometimes. I’ve seen him and Tristian Baldwin just shred each other over Twitter.

  5. Rob Romoni used to be a genuinely funny / fun guy to be around.

    Why has he gotten so bitter?

    Could it be rubbing off from someone he works with?

    Has he just gone plum crazy?

    More importantly: will anyone ever leave a single comment on his blog?!

    1. Actually I did :).

      Still about this 1-2-3-way fight/mild cat spitoff – I would like the 3 of you (Rob, Jason and Zach) to line up so I can feel your balls and make sure they are real. You guys still remember you are men, right? Why insist in behaving like teenage girls? Don’t worry, you are all beautiful. Daddy loves you equally.

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