gay porn star dominic green

Have You Met Dominic Green Yet?

NextDoorStudios dispenses with thier infamous plots all together and cuts right to the action as Ty Thomas tops Dominic Green in his second scene.

Dominic Green was introduced last week on Thanksgiving Eve and likely got lost in the holiday shuffle as fellow newbie Matty Strong got lost in his ass.

No wonder they brought him back so quickly.

And this time, they paired him with a veteran, and a stunner, Ty Thomas.

gay porn star dominic greenDominic did drink the ink Kool-Aid with the requisite chest tat to show for it. He most likely heard that blondes have more fun too. But while Ty Thomas is a beautiful golden lad, not sure the sunshine two-tone works for Dominic. I do think there’s a good-looking guy underneath that who is just one good haircut away from being a contender.

gay porn star dominic greenSeeing Ty’s cock leak and throb inside Dominic’s mouth is quite a visual. The boy had some skills. And as you can see, quite the beautiful, and apparently tasty hole.

gay porn star dominic greenWhen it was time for reverse cowboy, he proved both his holes could handle what Ty was dishing out.

gay porn star dominic greenTy flipped him to the side and went right in. Then when Ty got Dominic on his back, the cum went flying right out.

[Watch Dominic & Ty in “Code Red” at NextDoorStudios]

Dominic Green – what do you guys think? Is he a keeper?

1 thought on “Have You Met Dominic Green Yet?”

  1. Dominic has been an Active Duty for at least a couple of years. He is naturally a ranger. It was always clear he loved a dick. Now he appears as well at NDS like a few others since the acquisition.

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