micah brandt brayden allen cum swapping

Beat The Heat: Micah Brandt & Brayden Allen Have A Snowball Fight

They put Micah Brandt with who? And in what? I thought so too. I was wrong.

The “they” is Hot House. The “with” is Brayden Allen. And the “what” is this second scene from “Slicked Up”; a visual orgasm of men in edgy gear fucking each other into sexual nirvana.

Any scene that features Micah Brandt already is half-way to sexual nirvana. I tuned in for him. What surprised me is that I ended up also staying for Brayden Allen because of the primal fuck-fest of a flip this scene becomes.

micah brandt brayden allen cum swapping
Whether it was with Ryan Rose or Chris Bines, Micah Brandt’s ass conquers all. Just look at him. Micah has never been hotter and his ass is what wet dreams are made of. Then there’s Brayden Allen. I wouldn’t have pictured him in those particular shorts any more than I imagined him with Micah Brandt. How hot they are together I wouldn’t have believed without the visuals. Seeing is believing. I’m a believer.

micah brandt brayden allen cum swapping
Technically, Micah is on the bottom here but he’s throwing Brayden one helluva ass-filling.

micah brandt brayden allen cum swapping
That look on Micah’s face is just from Brayden’s initial stab inside. Before long, Brayden is ramming Micah’s ass so fast and deep, the sound of their flesh colliding almost drowns out the moans coming from Micah’s other end. Almost.

micah brandt brayden allen cum swapping
I stand corrected. There’s is one thing that makes Micah’s ass look even hotter: getting pelted in a hot load and having Brayden lick it up after. Then with Brayden sitting on his face, it’s Micah’s turn to blast and blast he does. Brayden slurps up Micah’s load too and a make-out session ensues that also shows me thought I wouldn’t see any snowballs in July, I thought wrong about that too.

[Watch Micah Brandt and Brayden Allen in “Slicked Up” scene two]

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