micah brandt fucks johnny v hot house

Micah Brandt From Bottom To Top

One of the hottest bottoms in gay porn, Micah Brandt seldom gets to sling his dick. After seeing what he does to Johnny V today, seldom isn’t nearly often enough.

No one want Micah Brandt to bottom any less. Few can take a dicking like he can. But all too often that means his own big cock takes plays the literal second banana without getting the attention it also deserves.

Hot House and Falcon Studios Group exclusiveJohnny V changed that in the latest from “Depths Of Focus”.

It does go back to summertime, but it’s not like Micah topping never happens.
4-benjaminbrandtAs a friendly reminder, by the time he was finished with David Benjamin, David’s hole looked like lunchmeat.

micah brandt fucks johnny v hot houseToday, he and Johnny V put the “shoot” in photoshoot picking up where Sean Zevran and Derek Bolt left off last time. Using the mirrors to expand our visual field, Hot House delivers another 360° view of a torrid fuck. Micah doesn’t go full beast like Brysen did with Cole today, but Johnny doesn’t have a starter hole. Satisfying that man is not for amateurs.

micah brandt fucks johnny v hot houseIt’s not just the mirrors. The videography is really on point.

micah brandt fucks johnny v hot houseSo are Johnny and Micah.

micah brandt fucks johnny v hot houseAnd Johnny V ends up with two heavy loads mixing it up in the cuts of his picture perfect washboard abs.

[Watch Johnny V & Micah Brandt in “Depths Of Focus” scene four]

2 thoughts on “Micah Brandt From Bottom To Top”

  1. I have no desire to see Micah reinvent himself as a top…

    I’ve seen him so often as an over the top bottom with the forced moaning and whining that I just cant buy him topping anybody

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