Michael Boston, Tristan Hunter

Michael Boston Is Back For ‘Following’ Flip-Fuck Finale

Michael Boston is back, back, back again! For the nail-biting finale of I’m Following You that just dropped on NakedSword this week, we’re getting the official Swords saga return of everyone’s favorite big booty icon.

If you recall, we last saw Michael in the finale for the very first Swords movie late last year. That film kicked off this entire action adventure franchise that sees your favorite Falcon | NakedSword porn stars doubling as secret agents and ends with the twist that Michael is actually a villain looking to work against this crew of performers. We assumed that had died at the end of that movie, but we now know that he was instead saved by fellow versatile porn star Tristan Hunter – who is now helping him enact his evil plans.


Now, Michael is back in action with a mission to capture Cole Connor and Tony Genius, his co-stars in the original Swords movie, on Fire Island. With the two men tied up, Michael demands that the undercover peacekeepers call for the release of Cade Maddox, who was imprisoned in Paris at the end of The Swords: First Mission.

Fortunately for Tony and Cole though, Michael and Tristan become easily distracted as they head inside for a private conversation. Their talk quickly evolves into them shedding off their clothes and getting into a spontaneous mid-afternoon flip-fuck that has both men getting their smooth cheeks stuffed with the other’s hard cock. Take a look below to see how it all plays out and if you want to see what Swords action happens after this fuck, click over to NakedSword.com.

Got any hot thoughts? Let us know in the comments below and if you want to see even more from The Swords: I’m Following You, go check out NakedSword.com!

[Watch I’M FOLLOWING YOU ft. Michael Boston & Tristan Hunter]


15 thoughts on “Michael Boston Is Back For ‘Following’ Flip-Fuck Finale”

  1. I happen to love Michael Boston. I admire the director for trying to make a quality film with beautiful shots, and including lots of sex. I still have problems with most of the acting, but when you get to the sex it’s usually worth it…

  2. Well I’m not anonymous, but Michael Boston’s certainly not “everyone’s favorite big booty icon”.

    I don’t hate the guy – he seems nice enough. I just find him bland and overexposed.

    1. Universal Potentate

      See? This is a decent reply.
      I can see where you’re coming from.
      It’s these random weird complaints “Michael is just full of himself. You can just tell by his hair!”
      That’s where I wonder about someone’s drug usage.

  3. You know when all the negative comments come from “anonymous”, we all know that it is the same sad twink that couldn’t give it away at the local hustler bar.

  4. Michael Boston is beauty, pure beauty. He has class. Excellent actor. This scene is amazing. It´s Art. Beautiful people, beautiful sex. Elegance.

  5. Universal Potentate

    I did not know that was the pairing I needed to see!
    This otherwise terrible movie finally seems interesting.

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