Michael Boston, Johnny Ford

Michael Boston Loves Riding Johnny Ford’s Jock

I mean, I almost don’t even recognize Michael Boston‘s face in those pics above! That means you’re riding some good dick, when you let your face contort into whatever expression it wants to as you take a good pounding.

And it’s clear Michael loves Johnny Ford’s cock, as he’s had it many times before: from a few scenes at Disruptive (including that infamous Last Course orgy), and a doctor threeway with Quin Quire (yikes…remember him?!) over at Say Uncle (we’re probably forgetting plenty more, too). Compared to those romps, this Men.com pairing is a lot…simpler. (Dear lord, did I just say that?!)

Michael Boston, Johnny Ford Michael Boston, Johnny Ford

Michael Boston, Johnny Ford

Michael has a crush on his roomie, and spies on him when Johnny heads to the shower. Michael sees the jock jacking his cock and hears that Johnny is into him, too—which is all the voyeur needs to take his plan one step further. Johnny heads out of the shower and soon has his uncut schlong inside Michael’s mouth. The top returns the favor (I love the shots of Johnny sucking Michael), then munches on his roomie’s award-winning butt.

Michael Boston, Johnny Ford Michael Boston, Johnny Ford

Michael Boston, Johnny Ford

Michael then offers up his hole to take that dick, and the hottest sequence has him sitting down on Johnny—the bottom’s own cock rock hard as he rides. A facial is the bottom’s final reward. What’s next for these two? How about another threeway with Michael stuffed at both ends?

See the full scene at Men.com!


11 thoughts on “Michael Boston Loves Riding Johnny Ford’s Jock”

  1. Michael Boston is a class act. I would like to have that peach skin and that absolutely perfect butt. He is like an angel, so gorgeous and sweet.

      1. Universal Potentate

        No. That’s a real person with taste. See how they actually used the name “Nick”?
        Try it, anon.

  2. Michael isn’t hot. He’s actually cringe for he fullest degree now and his popularity has dwindled.

  3. Universal Potentate

    This preview was terrible. I got a close up of Johnny’s crow’s feet. I didn’t get to see Michael’s ass at all. The pictures are even horrible. It’s Michael Boston. Show off his ass and hole then pan out from there. I mean, I love Michael. This advertisement for his scene kinda does him dirty.

    1. 100% agree. Michael is a huuge bore, but he’s got a great ass & hole. That top looks worn out. Yikes! Bad acting and bad clip…

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