Michael Boston, Damien White

Michael Boston Mounts Damien White’s Big 8-Inch Dick

Hallelujah! Another Men.com scene free of crazy antics, annoying women and silly dialogue! Just two dudes getting busy on a couch. Nothing earth-shattering, but a small victory at this studio.

This effort pairs Michael Boston with Damien White—and if that combo sounds familiar, it should: The two both appeared together in a threeway in July that marked the studio debut of Colby Melvin, with Michael getting spit roasted by the handsome tops before getting his lips coated in cum.

Michael Boston, Damien White Michael Boston, Damien White

Here the two start smooching before Michael has his lips around Damien’s 8-and-a-half-inch rod, a beautiful slab that’s straight as an arrow. As if that wasn’t enough, good luck looking away from this man’s delicious abs, which get nice and tight as he fucks.

Michael Boston, Damien White Michael Boston, Damien White

The sit-down position is pretty yummy with Michael’s plump dick swaying back and forth, and I love how Damien uses his hands to position the bottom and get just the right angle for his big dick—whether gripping Michael’s shoulders from behind, or pinning the bottom’s chest down with them as he fucks him on his back (grr…check out all those hot muscles on that body!).

Michael Boston, Damien White Michael Boston, Damien White

The sight of sexy Damien helps overcome the often horrible framing of the two on camera, with the busy living room background constantly taking over half of the screen (whether on top or to the side). There was a similar framing issue during that kitchen fuck with Paul Wagner and Pax Perry last month, and I’m getting tired of this lazy scene composition and camerawork! (What the hell? Why am I looking at blinds, pillows and full bookcases?!)

See the full scene at Men.com!


12 thoughts on “Michael Boston Mounts Damien White’s Big 8-Inch Dick”

  1. Someone said they saw the porn with Boston and his brother and said it was hot until their dad joined them and fucked them both and pissed in their mouths after. I would definitely pass on that gross flick.

    1. Universal Potentate

      I don’t know. They’re naked and in proximity on his OF page. But I don’t know if they’ve taken footage of them having sex … or where to find it since normal porn websites cannot host true incest porn. I’m sure it exists somewhere. Best bet would be to join MB’s OF and chat with him. See if he offers a video of it off site, like DropBox or something. A LOT of models do that.

    1. I love Michael Boston’s work. I think he’s the sexiest and most talented pornstar. I can only hope he’s having fun with his twin. Those two together would be beyond amazing!

        1. Universal Potentate

          He’s busy making money talking to his customers on OF to deal with broke no-account sididdy ass motha fukkaz like you!

  2. Universal Potentate

    Michael’s dick isn’t that big for a porn actor, but GOD that is perfect for real life!!!
    Switching with him is more than a 1-off fantasy, it’s something I could do consistently.

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