Michael Lucas Calls Airbnb Host’s Claims ‘Completely False,’ and Says Her House Has a Sex Dungeon In It

This just got more interesting!

Yesterday’s story about the lawsuit filed in Ventura County California against Lucas Entertainment went up without a quote from Michael Lucas himself, because he’s been on vacation and not checking email often.

But today he’s responded to The Sword, after checking with his lawyer, and I’ll just reprint his response below in full.

The highlights: Lucas says that not only did he hear nothing from the house owner Kristina Knapic for weeks after he and his crew vacated the property in August, but Ms. Knapic’s assistant even complimented him on how clean they’d left things. He has text messages to prove that they spoke at the time of checkout.

Also, he adds, that the house has “a unique and unadvertised feature: a fairly well-equipped sex dungeon in the basement, complete with a sex swing, whips, chains and miscellaneous bondage paraphernalia.” There’s even some video below of the dungeon, and its paraphernalia, but you can’t see the swing very well.

For good measure, Lucas also threw in a couple of terrible reviews of the Ojai Mansion rental that discuss complaints by the owner after the fact about the condition of the pool and spa, and about holding onto large security deposits for months on end claiming that renters had destroyed things they say they did not.

So maybe this wasn’t just about homophobia after all, but this Kristina is just kind of a shady bitch!



Anyway, the ridiculousness of the legal complaint, talking about enemas everywhere and semen on the ceilings and walls, should be enough to get it dismissed, but no doubt Lucas will fight this with his texts as well.



Lucas’ statement in full:

Lucas Entertainment, Inc. would like to issue the following response to Ms. Knapic’s complaint filed against us in California.

Simply stated, there is no basis whatsoever to this claim, and we have photographic evidence to prove that.

Ms. Knapic was a resident in a guest house on the premises during our entire stay. Our windows faced her windows, we shared the yard and garden, we shared laundry facilities. If there were any activity which would have resulted in the damage she now claims, it would have been evident.

When we first arrived, we inquired if it would be possible to extend our stay, but were told we could not because the house was already rented to others.

Paragraph 17 of the complaint says Ms. Knapic entered the property on August 16, after we had vacated the property, and found a mess.

That is a completely false statement.

On August 27, 11 days after we left, we texted Ms. Knapic to ask if something we had forgotten in the refrigerator had been found. She responded by text on August 31 that they were in Cancun and that their cleaning staff had cleaned the house and threw everything out. Not one syllable about any issue with the horrible condition in which she claims we left the house on August 16.

There was absolutely no claim at that time of any problems at the property.

Cleaning staff went through the house to prepare it for the next rental. Again, absolutely no complaints about the property.

In fact, we have photographs and video that we took on both our arrival and departure dates showing that we left the property in pristine condition. Ms. Knapic’s assistant Dorian even complimented me on how clean the house was.

Obviously, if the house was in the condition as described in her complaint, the response on August 31 would have been something other than “sorry, my cleaning staff threw everything away.”

Ms. Knapic claims in paragraph 20 of her complaint that bodily fluids were found on the walls and ceiling. If true, that must have been one heck of a party. No such party occurred on the days we were there … and she was there the entire time.

Here’s the truth: the house has a unique and unadvertised feature:
a fairly well-equipped sex dungeon in the basement, complete with a sex swing, whips, chains and miscellaneous bondage paraphernalia. A video of her sex dungeon is attached. We did not use this room nor any of the equipment in it.

Not having been served with any papers, we cannot ascertain if the complaint as filed is verified. But if Ms. Knapic continues with her claims, she will have to make statements under oath and provide admissible evidence of her claims. It’s also her lawyer’s job to ensure she does not commit perjury.

If the house was trashed, it was trashed by someone other than us. It is possible that she or her renters had a sex party in the dungeon that got out of hand, and she is now looking to a porn company to fund the repairs.

I have also included a few reviews on the house from other sites such as TripAdvisor.

In my opinion, this woman is a professional extortionist, and that’s clear from the reviews she has received. It’s also an obvious contradiction that she did not keep the security deposit, but now has decided to file a lawsuit.

Ms. Knapic alleges that our filming will damage the “reputation and romantic image” of the house. If that was a real concern, she could have framed her complaint innocently and omitted the salacious details. By drafting the complaint as she has, Ms. Knapic has secured the publicity and notoriety she so clearly sought.

It took two months for Ms. Knapic to concoct this false claim and file for damages. Her lawsuit is absolutely without any merit whatsoever.

Thank You

Michael Lucas

Lucas also adds…

In spite of my repeated requests, she refused to tell me what those damages were… Eventually she returned some of my deposit, retaining a large portion for repair and replacement of items, which as it turned out were in such a broken-down condition that they were already on their last legs. We do not even know if these claimed damages were legitimate, because the owner failed to provide any credible backup for her claim. She provided no evidence that the damages, even if legitimate, were not incurred after our departure by another guest over the next several weeks. We did not abuse her property. She charged me for what amounted to deferred maintenance, which is not the responsibility of a guest. Many things throughout the property are in a similar state of disrepair and poor maintenance”.

These two reviews are damning evidence of a pattern of outrageous behavior on the part of Ms. Knapic. But her game ends here.

And it seems like that permanent injunction Knapic wants to suppress any of the porn shot at the property is coming a bit late. I’m pretty sure that a lot of the scenes shot there have already come out, like from Lucas’ Hole Wreckers series, which was almost definitely shot in this parlor/living room.


Update: Lucas Entertainment confirms that the two features shot at the Ojai house, Bareback Boyfriend Swap and Hole Wreckers, have both been released online and are about to come out on DVD.

Anyway, here’s the video of the sex dungeon.



5 thoughts on “Michael Lucas Calls Airbnb Host’s Claims ‘Completely False,’ and Says Her House Has a Sex Dungeon In It”

  1. SO draping a blanket on top of a couch is a suitable method from staining? Yeah right. What a stupid asshole.

    These scenes only CONFIRMS they didn’t use their own furniture, they used the owners furniture and piss poorly protected it from bodily fluids.

  2. Michael is/was a lawyer, and more importantly, a seasoned professional.

    Every shoot I was associated with, on the production side, were professional, and top-notch.

    Any suggestion that he, cast, and crew behaved in an inappropriate fashion, including abuse of property , would not be typical, or consistent of any LUCAS production.

    If anything, a LUCAS shoot’s tend to be structured, and classy.

    1. So your claim that he is honorable when in fact his own video screencaps PROVES misuse and is blatantly stupid. A blanket is not a sufficient way to prevent bodily fluids from furniture. The fact there is a brown blanket draping the owners couch doesn’t bode well for ML’s defense.

  3. Ever notice that heterosexual dungeons always have an over abundance of tacky red and striped animal prints? Bet there are pink fuzzy handcuffs and plush blindfolds too. Gays always do dungeons better; better lighting, more mirrors and a danger vibe missing from the het’s pu**y palace dungeons.

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