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The Bigger The Dick, The Bigger The Bulge.

We already know what big ballsacks mean. And we also know how big cocks and balls get stuffed into the confines of a jockstrap. But it’s what happens when those bad boys are set free that is the real big story here.

A fetishistic fantasy realm where the men are natural, the sex is instinctual, and the hairy cocks are throbbing hard. This is the mission statement behind “Beards, Bulges & Ballsacks!”, the latest serving of testosterone from Raging Stallion.

Director Steve Cruz brings it all to life with nine muscled studs with nine bushy beards, big bulges, and swinging sacks. It’s not just the usual suspects. But there are already a few I want to see busting free again.

“Beards, Bulges & Ballsacks!” premieres today with Michael Roman, Daymin Voss, & Fernando Del Rio

michael roman daymin voss fernando del rioThe muscle, the scruff, the fur, the dicks, and the attitude. “Beards, Bulges & Ballsacks!” is the archetypical Raging Stallion film with carefully chosen archetypical Raging Stallion men to bring the vision to reality. Today, leather daddy Michael Roman, pig Fernando Del Rio, and Daymin Voss are tatted muscle studs looking to get dirty in their jockstraps. And they only have to look at each other.

michael roman daymin voss fernando del rioNo script or dialogue are required today. The men and the action are the stories here. Fernando bends over and offers up his sweaty hole for Daymin and Michael to share. That’s the prelude to a round robin spit roast.

michael roman daymin voss fernando del rioFernando Del Rio maybe the designated pig, but once hairy, sexy Daymin Voss takes possession of the best seat in the house. And of Michael and Fernando’s dicks.

michael roman daymin voss fernando del rioPulling out, Michael drops his load all over Daymin’s fur-covered bubble butt. The sight of it all makes Fernando blast a geyser of his own all over the floor. Then, Fernando sends his semen rolling out and picks up the rear. Literally.

[Watch Michael, Daymin, & Fernando in “Beards, Bulges & Ballsacks!” scene one at Raging Stallion]

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