Mick Stallone & Letterio Amadeo Are Flipping Foreign Fuckers

Aussie Letterio Amadeo hasn’t been seen on the blue screen in a while. Canuk Mick Stallone is rarely seen on the giving end. Today, that all changes.

Letterio Amadeo and his famous porn face have been absent since 2015. The former Kristen Bjorn model has also filmed for Tim Tales, Lucas Entertainment, and Butch Dixon. But none of that has been lately.

Today, Letterio returns to Raging Stallion and even gives it up for scruffy Mick Stallone. But not until he samples that Canadian bacon first.

amadeostallone-1“He’s tall. He’s hairy.” Letterio (on the left) says in his deep voice and sexy accent. “That’s what I like … I’m thinking of a flip fuck situation. When it comes to sex, it’s all about the eyes. They tell when I should push the limits.” Today both Mick and Letterio push more than limits as the become each other’s “Object of Desire”.

0-amadeostalloneLetterio is where he wants to: in charge. He’s working his own nip as he swallows Mick’s cock. But things come alive when he dives tongue-first into Mick’s wet-dream of an ass. Whether Letterio is giving a rimming job — or Mick is twerking his hole on Letterio’s tongue doesn’t matter. It amps them both up for what comes next.

1-amadeostalloneLetterio describes himself as an active top. That suited Mick just fine. He stayed put, offering Letterio the field to go in fast and deep.

2-amadeostallone“I sure fancy his little ass,” Letterio said of Mick’s glutes. Just look at those luscious cheeks ripple with every thrust.

3-amadeostalloneExploring his versatility, Letterio lets Mick have a go at his ass. The fucking puts Mick at the cusp of orgasm, and he jerks out his load directly on Letterio’s dick. Using Mick’s cum for lube, Letterio spills his cum across his hairy stomach. And with that, each “Object of Desire” as now filled their objective – and each other.

[Watch Letterio & Mick in “Object of Desire” scene three]

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