Mickey Taylor and Jacob St. Ladder Play Flip-Fucking Fashion-y Club Kids In ‘Sexperiment’ Ep. 2

In the next episode of the New York-shot Sexperiment from NakedSword Originals, Mickey Taylor and Jacob St. Ladder play a model and a fashion designer who are doing a photo session that turns, quickly, into a hot fuck session.

Episode 1 featured Chris Harder and Alex Killborn having their own, boyfriend-style flip-fuck.

Now we get to see Mickey turn model — his last role was as singer in Fame Game, but he’s been both in IRL — and Jacob St. Ladder is actually studying fashion in New York, so the costumes you see, including I assume that corset, are all part of his collection.



But then that corset gets cut off, and the fucking begins.





Jacob seems especially happy on the bottom.



But he does what he can to get Mickey off too.




[NakedSword Originals: Sexperiment Ep. 2]


2 thoughts on “Mickey Taylor and Jacob St. Ladder Play Flip-Fucking Fashion-y Club Kids In ‘Sexperiment’ Ep. 2”

  1. sort of love Mickey Taylor when he Bottoms and kisses but he has to cut or downsize the ’emo’ side and get more into the citebeur look

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