mickey taylor voices jordan gray make history

Mickey Taylor & The Voice’s Jordan Gray Make History

The first mainstream music video with a trans female and cis male love scene features Jordan Gray and NakedSword exclusive Mikey Taylor.

Mickey Taylor has made some very hot porn. He’s made some beautiful music. Now he’s joined with “The Voice’s” Jordan Gray to make history with her new single, “Platinum”.

This is her official debut as a pop star. She was the first trans contestant in “The Voice” in any series across the world.

As GayStarNews is reporting in their exclusive,

“The Voice star Jordan Gray has made history by making the first mainstream music video with a trans female and a cis male love scene.

mickey taylor voices jordan gray make history
Jordan Gray on “The Voice UK”

Platinum stars Gray and porn star turned musician Mickey Taylor playing lovers in a hotel bedroom as she wonders about the state of their relationship.

‘It’s pioneering because it features the first cis male-trans female love scene in a mainstream release,’ Gray told Gay Star News.

‘He knew his way around the bed! I was directing at the same time as well as starring in it, so it was mildly awkward. I was like, “kiss me here”, “roll over here here!”, “take these off!”.

‘But it’s important because people will get to see trans love normalized. It’s really important. Everyone gets to do it, why can’t I? It shouldn’t be controversial at all’.

‘Platinum is about escaping confinement, pushing yourself, becoming everything you ever wanted and, ultimately, transcendence. Don’t let anybody make you feel small. You can be everything,’ Gray added in a statement.

The song will be released on 25 November.

The official version of “Platinum” and its remix by Kiss FM’s Danny Lee and Slim Tim can be pre-ordered from all digital stores.

To see Mickey in blue screen action …

mickey taylor voices jordan gray make history
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