Mickey Taylor’s Has Something On The Tip Of His Tongue

What Mickey Taylor can do with his mouth are the things that music and get porn legends are made of.

After seeing the preview and the first scene with ginger Leander & hung Jack Taylor last week from “Guyspotting”, the newest film from NakedSword Originals, the men are hot. The action is hotter. The cum shots rock

… snd so does the title song, sung by our pop turned porn star triple threat on the porn set and the recording studio, Mickey Taylor.

As for Mickey and the other magic things he can with his mouth — and just about every other part on his body, you won’t have to wait long.
And in fact, his encore has very hot, uncut, back up Brit boys lending their talents and sharing their … inspiration.

[Watch “Guyspotting” at NakedSword]

1 thought on “Mickey Taylor’s Has Something On The Tip Of His Tongue”

  1. Keep up the damn good work naked sword, loving the non PC BULLSHIT DIVERSITY SHIT, I know I can rely on you guys for my sexy hot white men entertainment.

    I understand you guys try to pretend you’re PC but I know whats happening.

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