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Sexually Provocative & Emotionally Gritty Meet Up At “Midnight”

Brent Corrigan, the porn star or Sean Paul Lockhart, the actor. Whichever one you see on the screen begs the same question: can a gay couple survive an open relationship?

Brent Corrigan’s personal story as the “Traci Lords of gay porn” was told in King Cobra.

But in TR Wilkinson’s powerful short film, “Midnight”, the focus of this Qreel Tuesday, Sean Paul Lockhart deftly embodies the protagonist who is granted his birthday wish by his partner: thirty days of an open relationship.

midnight gay indie film brent corrigan“Can a gay couple survive an open relationship?” is a rhetorical question for some. For others, it’s something to explore. For Shane (Sean Paul Lockhart) and Aiden (Anderson Goncalves), their month is filled with and an endless series of three-ways, four-ways, more-ways, underwear models, sexual counseling, “helpful” co-workers, and hidden cameras.

midnight gay indie film brent corriganIn not so much as a question but a statement, “Midnight” exposes an often dispensed with truth: before you get in a relationship, you better be clear on what you want to get out of it. And who(m).

midnight gay indie film brent corriganWhen the clock strikes “Midnight” on day number thirty, what happens after will profoundly affect all of the days to follow.

[Watch “Midnight” at NakedSword Film Works NSFW]


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1 thought on “Sexually Provocative & Emotionally Gritty Meet Up At “Midnight””

  1. What? Can gay couples survive a monogamous relationship?
    That’s the real question!
    The 3 stages of every gay relationship are Monogamy, Cheating and Open.
    Seriously people. Monogamy was invented when women became property to be controlled. This just doesn’t apply in the modern age, much less to gay men.

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