Gay porn superstar and safe sex advocate Colby Keller has gone into full damage control mode by defending his work for controversial bareback studio Treasure Island Media.

In an interview with Nightcharm, Colby Keller dismisses the criticism of his Milk It performance, rejects the accusations that working with TIM stands in contrast to his personal commitment to safe sex, and even goes so far as to call his involvement with the makers of Fucktards and Slammed "enlightened"!

I admit to still not knowing much about TIM’s policies when it comes to testing in anal scenes, but I’ve worked for and continue to work for a variety of companies that do/don’t require testing and for all scenes in which I’ve participated in anal sex, my partners and I have worn condoms. This will continue to be my personal policy in porn. I think in some ways my affiliation with TIM might be enlightening. I have known my scene partner for the TIM shoot for a while before the scene and we have had conversations about our sexual practices and sexual health. The studio provides a fantasy for some people who prefer unprotected sex and my “milking” scene shows a way one can engage in hot sex that is less risky than anal sex. I think it might be helpful for people to see that you can be involved in scenes/communities that are “piggier” than what you’re normally used to and still have hot “safer” sex within those scenes/communities.

Given that Treasure Island Media is so ideologically opposed to Colby Keller when it comes to safe sex and condoms, it's great that they could find some common ground in their mutual pursuit of providing "enlightening" gay porn.

Has Treasure Island Media lost its edge by allowing a condom supporter into its organization?
Has Treasure Island Media totally rolled over and abandoned its principles just so it could land a big name star?
Should Treasure Island Media start using condoms in its upcoming movies?
Does Colby Keller's ultimate goal of being "helpful" to his audience put his work with TIM into a justifiable context for you, or is this "milk" still too sour?

Read the full Nightcharm interview, and don't forget to watch Colby Keller in Milk It from Treasure Island Media!

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