Monday Newcomer Poll: Would You Rather Fuck Dylan O’Hardy, ChaosMen’s Eddie, Or Bel Ami’s Rafael Moretti?

It’s time for a fresh round of newcomers for your jacking pleasure.

First off, we have a bit of rough trade with frosted tips and tattoos at ChaosMen who’s going by the name Eddie.

If you’re a fan of ChaosMen already then you’re probably hot for “real” looking straight dudes like Eddie, complete with goatee and soul patch, terrible hair dye job, and questionable tattoos like the to big M’s on his triceps.







Next I bring you today’s newcomer at Lucas Entertainment in his first duo scene. His name is the very Irish Dylan O’Hardy, and he’s a lean and twinky bottom with a big dick of his own who takes a deep dicking from Klein Kerr (who looks way to Latino for that name).

I actually think both models are Greek or otherwise European, and this shoot took place in Athens last fall.






Last night we looked at the big uncut cock and fine torso of Sean Cody’s new Spanish recruit, to whom they gave a totally non-Spanish name, Derrick. And since I don’t want him to feel left out, he’ll get included here too.


And last but not least, I bring you a model who actually made his first appearance on Bel Ami in a duo scene with his real-life boyfriend Garret Dornan back in November, but who only now gets some solo modeling treatment.

His name is Rafael Moretti, and he’s skinnier than a lot of Bel Ami guys, but has an incredibly handsome mug and just as big an uncut dick as the best of them.





Now vote.


[ChaosMen: Eddie]
[Lucas: Dylan O’Hardy and Klein Kerr]
[Sean Cody: Derrick]
[Bel Ami: Rafael Moretti]


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