[[UPDATED]] MormonBoyz: Ordained By Insemination

Secret kabals, virgin male teens, and sexual ceremonies. The MormonBoyz’ stories are unlike anything you have heard. Or seen, That all changes on July 4th when Elder Sorenson tells his story on NakedSword.

Mormon missionaries are clean cut 18 yo boys, sexually pure, discovering their sexuality complete with kinky and mandatory secret underwear. They are presented by their fathers to handsome older men for their initiation ceremony where repression leads to intense and kinky expressions of sexuality & forbidden desires.

It makes for quite a story. Each week, new chapters of the ongoing stories of these missionary boys are added. It all begins today at NakedSword.

“We are very excited to be partnering with NakedSword in releasing the story of Elder Sorenson.”

[UPDATED: July 4, 2016]
We celebrate Independence Day with Elder Sorenson losing his independence — among other things he will get back. In these first three episodes, this slim, inexperienced teen first day as a Mormon missionary. And he’s terrified.

Especially when he meets Elder Stewart with that beautiful face, a giant cock, and a voracious sexual appetite.

“At is core, MormonBoyz is a daddy-son story site. Each missionary’s story is like its own mini-series. The updates track the boys progression toward his ultimate goal of being ordained by demonstrating sufficiently submissiveness and an eagerness to prove thier devotion.

“We see Mormon missionaries as another gay icon along withs sailors, firemen, cowboys, the Mormon missionary boy is iconic.”

And we can see it all when MormonBoyz comes to NakedSword.

Have a great 4th of July weekend and see you back here on Monday for the MormonBoyz premiere.

10 thoughts on “[[UPDATED]] MormonBoyz: Ordained By Insemination”

  1. Sorensen -Peter Pounder has one incredible ass. Such a perfect hole for eating and fucking. I think he’s one of the hottest bottom’s of the year!

  2. From all the Elders at Mormon Boyz, they have to choose the least interesting gay4payer, who constantly begging for job straight porn studios on twitter.
    This site has lost its charm a long time ago, their new content lacks passion and authenticity, and new ‘daddies’ tend to be more involved in the sex at their sister straight site than with guys.

  3. There is something very, very wrong with using religion as a vehicle for porn, no matter the religion and no matter the porn. As a former Mormon myself yet also a gay porn addict, I find the whole idea of MormonBoyz.com disgusting beyond description. I’ve been in touch with the Mormon Church’s legal department to see if legal action can be taken against MormonBoyz.com. I think the gay porn world will be shocked at what happens to them in the next few months. Enjoy this garbage as long as you can, religiously amoral pervs.

    1. Oh, fuck off with your puritanical bullshit. Why should religion be treated any differently than, say, the Military? Because you believe in a magical, invisible, flying, sky wizard? Because the church has tax exempt status? Because your precious little feelings might get hurt? Fuck off. If I want to jerk off to magic underwear wearing idiots taking it up the ass, that’s what I’m gonna do, and you can eat shit if you don’t like it. This is America, and we have freedom of speech here.

        1. “Disgusting beyond description”?!? Okay Luv2Suck4Ever, I’ll take your word for it.
          Have fun jerking off to gay porn on top of the pedestal you seem to be stuck on.

    2. I don’t agree that this even classifies as “using religion as a vehicle for porn.” I think that in order for that to be true, the Mormon church would have to use porn to further their religion – that is obviously not true. However, MormonBoyz.com is fetishizing LDS underwear, which, in my opinion, is perfectly fine. The makers of this porn (and, I assume, most of its viewers) do not believe this underwear has any true spiritual or religious value, so why should they hold such reverence for it? As a former Mormon myself, but not a gay porn addict (p.s. don’t let the Church’s rhetoric convince that you’re addicted to porn just because you like to watch it! If you truly are addicted, then I wish you the best of luck, but not all people who watch porn are addicted. Just a side note!), I find this the idea of MormonBoyz.com an A+ business move. In my experience, the Mormon church breeds closeted gay men who turn to gay porn during their coming out process; because of this, I think this porn site has capitalized on a great opportunity. As far as contacting the LDS church about legal action they can take? I’m sure they know of this porn site (as there have undoubtedly been other holier-than-thou ex-Mormon gay porn watchers who have their self-righteousness to show the world) and can’t do anything about it. I’m pretty sure they don’t have legal rights to the word “Mormon”, just like the Vatican doesn’t have legal rights to the word “Catholic.” So, unless the Church wants to start their own distinct entity called “MormonBoyz” and then trademark it, they can’t sue the porn site for its use of the word or garment-like underwear. So, yes, all you “religiously amoral pervs” enjoy this site for as long as it’s up! As for you oxymoronic religiously moral pervs, just stick to regular old non-religious man-on-man buttsex.

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