MrDeepVoice & His Jacked Bod Have Their Way With Joey Mills

It’s been a busy time for Joey Mills, who has been enjoying “Joey’s Surf Vacation” for about a month now. Although it might as well be called “Joey and Dean and MrDeepVoice’s Surf Vacation,” because all three have been recurring parts of the fun.

After Dean Young watched Joey get fucked by Troy Daniels in the opener, he had a flip fuck with Joey before Joey watched him get fucked by MrDeepVoice (aka Thomas Johnson). So it seems logical that the next scene would involve Dean catching Joey getting fucked by Thomas…and here we are! (Lord, can’t we just get a proper threeway with them?!)

Joey Mills, MrDeepVoice Joey Mills, MrDeepVoice

Joey Mills, MrDeepVoice

On his way to the shower. MrDeepVoice and his hot bod get distracted by Joey (can’t we just watch him shower for a few minutes?!). That leads to a suck swap, and I love that we’ve been able to see Joey get that big dick slurped this series (too often, I feel like he doesn’t get any oral attention in his scenes). Then Thomas rims that hole before fucking the bottom.

Joey Mills, MrDeepVoice Joey Mills, MrDeepVoice

Dean Young, Joey Mills, MrDeepVoice

That includes a memorable stand-and-carry sequence with Thomas showing off his strength—but the hottest shot has Joey on his back, pit in full view as the top and his bushy cock plow away. Although I gotta say, the glass house they are fucking in makes me nervous that they’re going to accidentally kill themselves (seriously, what’s with all the glass and sharp ledges in this scene?!). Joey gets a hot facial before Dean walks in and finds them (hmm, maybe we’ll get that actual threesome after all?).

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  1. So stupid… and Mr. Deepvoice is such a poser, and just plain stupid. Who calls themselves Mr. Deepvoice?? So dumb.

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